Exhibition Work


My exhibition work is an ‘unfolding story’ of my pursuit to perfectly balance the qualities of contemporary porcelain, its whiteness and purity with notes of vintage 70’s stoneware, gritty clays and oxide washes.

My work has notes from the following elements:

  • Natural Forms- Inspired by botanical and aquatic inspired protrusions.
  • Artefacts & Archeology- Forms and mark making of Ancient Pots.
  • Textile Design- Knots, weave, loops and stitches.
  • Modernist Design-The union of hard and soft.
  • The Feminine.



British born, Australian studio potter Philippa A Taylor, has her own distinctive approach to clay.

She studied a B.A Craft in 1994 at Monash University and completed her honours in 1997.

Her thesis was based on the research into high fired Celedon glazes on stoneware vessels decorated with hand carved botanical motifs.

As featured in “Pottery in Australia’ Vol 36 Number 2, Winter 1997. (pg 23)


Now with a passion for the British ceramic tradition, Scandinavian designs and Japanese decorating techniques, her work is both functional and sculptural.

Combining her traditional understandings with a contemporary ceramics approach.

Philippa works from her environmentally sustainable suburban home studio, by the Bay in Melbourne.

She exhibits work frequently in Art Awards and recently was a finalist in the Clunes Ceramic Award and Manningham Ceramics Award in 2017.

Earlier in her career, her work was acquired by Dame Elizabeth Murdoch.






Professional Practice


Vignettes – 2019

Hunter St , Hobart. Window space of the University of Tasmania, School of Creative Arts and Media. In conjunction with The Australian Ceramics Triennale. May, Hobart.


Endemic Earth – 2019
Kingborough Council Art Space , May, Tasmania.
In conjunction with The Australian Ceramics Triennale.

Botanical – 2019
Brunswick Steet Gallery, March, Melbourne.

Craft Victoria – 2018
Craftcubed, Window Walk. August, Melbourne.

Artisans in the Gardens – 2017
Lion Gate Lodge, Royal Botanic Garden,
October, Sydney.

Clunes Ceramic Award – 2017

Weave Bowl’ 2017- porcelain, blue inlay decoration, wheel thrown bowl.
Awarded ’Recognition Award’

Makers Gallery Australia – 2017
Body Works Exhibition, September, Brisbane.

Manningham Victorian Ceramic Award – 2017

Woven Family’ 2017- porcelain, inlay decoration, slab built vases.

Pin Six — 2016
ANCA Gallery’s Sixth Annual Exhibition of Miniature Wearable Artworks.

2015 A return to my ceramic practice.

The City of Casey — 2009
Small solo exhibition in the Civic Centre Art Space.
Published – 1997

Graduate Edition of ‘Pottery in Australia’ June/July issue.
Monash Graduate Exhibition – Honours — 1997
Lyall Burton Gallery, Melbourne.
Work purchased for the private collection of Dame Elizabeth Murdoch.
Mermaids, Clay Works. — 1997
State Craft Gallery, Meat Market Craft Centre, North Melbourne.
The 20th Annual Walker Award — 1996 Awarded ‘A High Commendation’
The Victorian Arts Centre, Westpac Gallery, Melbourne.
Monash Graduate Exhibition 1996
Meat Market Craft Centre, North Melbourne.

Coolart Exhibition 1996
Coolart House, Coolart Bird & Wetland Reserve, Peninsula.


Monash University, Peninsula Campus — Bachelor of Arts-Craft Honours 1993-1997
University of Melbourne, Parkville Campus — Graduate Diploma of Education 1999-2000




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Ceramic Tassel Gallery

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