by Anders Breivik Politisporet by Torstein Viddal Die Tage danach by Erika Books about Anders Behring Breivik and the Norway terror attacks 7/22/ A 1,page “manifesto” recently published online, entitled A Geofarm is a farm which has been linked to Anders Behring Breivik. By Andrew Berwick (Anders Behring Breivik), London – compendium, – “ – A European Declaration of Independence” – documents.

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Breivik hevder at realistisk kan muslimer bli et flertall ettermen i verste fall kan de bli et flertall allerede i Yeah, I have no experience living within the different cultures of Europe and made it clear in Part One that I am unqualified to discuss European immigration. This will to a certain degree involve encouraging many 3 child families.

In his manifesto, he cites Fjordmann times. Breivik utdyper videre i kapittel 2.

On 8 JuneProfessor of Psychiatry Ulrik Fredrik Malt testified in court as an expert witness, saying he found it unlikely that Breivik had schizophrenia. So the french plans for establishing a mediteranean economic zone including the countries of the Maghreb and Egypt is a secret Eurabian plot to put us under the thumb of islam?

Kameleon, forkledning av deg selv og ditt utstyr, biler, etc. There is nothing new about this scenario; it has been going on for thousands of years, as long as mankind has existed.

by Anders Behring Breivik, Part 4: All About ABB – Odd Things Considered

His father, who brrivik married a diplomat, fought for, but failed to achieve, custody. Our focus is to invite non-Muslims to Islam and to Muslims to submit to Islam. Needless to say, I will be reading many rebuttals and analysis of his work to give myself a fair perspective. Amin Hosseini rated it it was amazing Feb 22, What else but the Bible does Israel posess?


Were the majority of the German and European Jews disloyal? Thanks for commenting, Gerald.

2083 – A European Declaration of Independence

Serberne er urbefolkningen i Bosnia. The matriarchal supremacy within the modern households must seize breivk exist. That force is ideology Inin Germany, a group of Marxists founded an institute devoted to making the transition, the Institute of Social Research later known as the Frankfurt School. Feb 07, Wyvern rated it liked it Shelves: Around the page he starts saying he’s brreivik to outright kill people. Jeg er ikke kristen Breivik: This shows the cavalier use of the word ‘fundamentalist’ prevailing today in several quarters.

Please do not think that others will take care of it. More from page Women can still influence via the home and how they raise their children. Politiet blokkerte gatene sammen med antifa. Back to Anders and Mo, both were murderous, very much so, yet the Prophet became the holy prototype for all men and women on earth you of course know, that we are all born as muslims?

Videre studier inkludert anbefalt litteratur og videoer. This is how the arrangements could work: This is the maximum penalty in Norway. He has now been excluded – the exclusion immediately effective. Get your need to comment like this out of your system in the next 48 hours because starting Tuesday I will probably disenvowel every comment you leave.

Retrieved 25 July He comments on what he considers the feminization of men in cultural Marxism but that is a whole other kettle of fish. He was at first described by many in the media as a Christian fundamentalistChristian terroristand nationalist.


Tilbake til fremtiden Andrew G. He said that in that section of the prison, it should expand the planned community between prisoners and employees and consider other measures to minimise the risk of isolation damage.

Again, it seems like behrign wants to destroy untold generations because he never got the family he wanted. In my 20s, I went down some interesting roads as I tried to find that which was truth for me and even as I tried on appalling mental hats, my inner ideology never changed.

But even so, we outnumber them. We build our activity on Christian and humanistic values and want our members to contribute to the promotion of charity, peace and goodness among all people.

Suspicion of a government that obviously does not give a shit about them is not foolishness. In the point of intersection between the Islamists and Islamophobia, a new type of Fascism could emerge.

Breivik brevik at Wahabism, som saudiarabere propagandiserer, er den mest jihadistiske og radikale i naturen. Of course, we know now Breivik had no ties to any publishing company or any pull in the magazine industry. Retrieved 6 January Retrieved 31 May This is a page manifesto. Breivik follows the common white supremacist belief that the chief merit of Christianity is its ability to unite the indigenous peoples of Europe against foreigners, and stated in his manifesto that he sees himself as a ” cultural Christian ” rather than a “religious Christian”:.