Manual and LACP Link Aggregation (IEEE ad). Switch G (3C) 3C port 10/ plus two 10// ports and two GBIC ports. Office Manuals and free pdf instructions. Find the office and computer equipment manual you need at ManualsOnline. Published October SuperStack® 3. Switch Series. Getting Started Guide. 3C 3C 3C DUAAAAbook Page 1 Thursday .

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This is not done by the Switch Familyan intermediate device in the network is required to do this.

3Com SuperStack 3 3C17304 Manuals

This allows you to manually configure the MAC address of a 3f17304 partner device called the partner ID against a specified aggregated link. Solving Hardware Problems Using 3com Network Supervisor What Is Network Login If the enabled link breaksthe disabled link becomes re – enabledtherefore maintaining connectivity.

End of Life Statement 3Com processes allow for the recoveryreclamation and safe disposal of all end – of – life electronic components. How Traffic Traffic prioritization ensures that high priority data is forwarded through the Switch without being delayed by lower priority data.


3Com 3C17304A Manuals

Quality of Service QoS enables you to specify service levels for different traffic classifications. Benefits Of Vlans Manually Configuring Ip Information This system prevents the overwhelming broadcast traffic that can result from network equipment which is faulty or configured incorrectly.

What Is Radius You can delete or change them as required.

How Rada Works Email Notification Of Events Traffic classification is the means of identifying which application generated the trafficso that a maual level can be applied to it. Upload a pic of this item. The Power-up Sequence Switch t 3c Table Of Contents Chapter 2 Multicast Filtering Multicast filtering allows the Switch to forward multicast traffic to only the endstations that are part of a predefined multicast grouprather than 3c1304 the traffic to the whole network.

Traffic Prioritization Traffic prioritization allows your network traffic to be prioritized to ensure that high priority datasuch as time – sensitive and system – critical data is transferred smoothly and with minimal delay over a network. Switch t 3c Null Modem Cable Switch Family – 3c117304 View Detail Ingress flow control is not normally required with this setting.

Broadcast Storm Broadcast Storm Control is a system that monitors the level of broadcast If the broadcast traffic level rises 3c1734 a pre – defined Control traffic on that port. Cli Management Over The Network If the devices at both ends of a link support auto – negotiationthis is done automatically.


3Com Switch 3C User Guide |

Advanced Network Configuration Examples Etwork Configuration Examples Multicast Filtering Multicast filtering is the process that ensures that endstations only receive multicast traffic if they register to join specific multicast groups.

For more information on suitable cable typesplease refer to the Getting Started Guide that accompanies your Switch. Kanual And Subnet Masks Thereforeyou must ensure that any VLAN configuration on your network takes into account the expected STP topology and alternative topologies that may result from link failures.

Benefits Of Multicast The link will reset to the higher speed of operation when the link is lost 3×17304 the unit is power cycled.