In this course, you will learn about the structure and business terms from the Management Accounting area Profitability Analysis (CO-PA) in the SAP system. All rights reserved. ix Course Overview AC old new R/3 system SAP system controlling Management Accounting SD Sales Order Management FI Financial. SAP AC – Profitability Analysis – EHP6 – (v – Col10 – Release) – Newest Added Sept SAP AC – Profit Center Accounting in New General .

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Similarly, implement this for the value fields. Introduction to Characteristic Derivation and Valuation Facilitated Discussion Discussion Questions Use the following questions to engage the participants in the discussion.

Multidimensional profit and loss reporting across the aac605 of the sales force, product lines, customers, and other organizational units is required. Show operating concern templates and the use of sample data. Further, operating concerns that have already been preset are available, allowing Profitability Analysis to be quickly integrated into your productive system. The values for one or more characteristics can be determined in a single step.

Profitability Analysis

In addition, emphasize how the sales organization and the plant are integrated in the corporate structure. Revenue and COGS are to be projected automatically for the materials with planned quantities in aggregate.

The condition record contains the value itself. Do not spend too much time on navigation and information but instead position this demonstration as a preview of what participants are aiming for. For this purpose, the valuation strategy and techniques need to be used.


The sales order number source field is blank as no sales order number was entered when this line item was created. In addition, users must reach an individual decision for their particular company based on the listed criteria.

Cost Center Assessment 10 Minutes Exercise 9: Master Data AC Lesson: Master Data AC a To test the derivation strategy, enter a line item for your sample customer and the product P directly in costing-based profitability analysis.

Multidimensional analysis ac65 sales information, cost-of-sales information, production variances, and period cost information is required for the various market segments. The term characteristic value refers to an actual individual quantity defined for a particular characteristic. First, explain the relationship between the various organizational units.

They enable you to gain an insight into Profitability Analysis without the need to perform extensive Customizing.

SAP – Profitability Analysis | Anil Kangotra –

To access a configuration activity, simply double-click swp of the steps. Cost Accounting Methods Profitability Reporting can be executed at various levels of detail. It shows a complete summary of the organizational assignments for a particular operating concern.

The advantages of operating concern templates are: To reflect the periodic actual cost, fixed and variable standard cost plus variance may be added to analyze contribution margins.

You organize your organization into profit centers by assigning the master data of each profit-relevant object, such as materials, cost center, order, project, sales order, asset, cost object, and profitability segment, to a profit center.

The choice of one of the accounting methods is often determined by a6c05 country-specific legal requirements. These are generated when the operating concern environment is generated.

Master Data AC Solution 4: This is because the customer is the only key to the KNA1 table that contains general customer information, such as xc605. The first thing aap explain is that they get dynamically created by the system when a unique combination of characteristic values is posted to CO-PA: Profitability Management AC information, cost-of-sales information, contribution margins, production variances, and period cost information are required.


In addition to the fixed characteristics, up to 50 non-fixed non fixed characteristics can be added to an operating concern.

A profit center represents an organizational subunit that operates independently on the market and bears responsibility for its own costs and revenues.

OAS Period 1 — 12 Version 0 3. It does not include fixed characteristics or technical fields. Structures AC Figure It defines the limit of the sales sc605 marketing information that can be reported together from this module. If the account-based approach is used, such as a report for the account-based approach is defined, it is explicitly stated. What are the aggregation settings for the Number of Employees value field? The corporation has legal entities in Germany, Italy, and the United States, and it requires the ability to report sales and profitability both across the corporation in a corporate currency and within each of the legal entities in their local currencies.

The following paragraphs provide a brief introduction to the important topics within each unit: