Acol is a natural system of bidding, meaning that your bidding is normally a declaration of your holding and not some coded message. The first thing you need to. This Acol bridge crib sheet is ideal for beginners. Have it handy while you are playing your bridge games! The left hand column shows Opening Bids. The middle. A quick overview of Standard and Acol bidding systems and how to choose which one to play.

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The English Bridge Union. Please include the particular feature on your convention card in order that your opponents are also aware of this feature during the bidding process, since this information must be made known to them according to the Laws of Duplicate Contract Bridge.

The only non-forcing bid by responder after opener’s 2NT rebid is a rebid of responder’s suit. To count shortage use the following table only applicable to suits other than declarers trump suit. Balanced hands are hands that contain no singletons or voids and a maximum of one doubleton.

Acol is an unregulated system. Patrick Jourdain in the year The partner may not have passed previously when this bid is applied. By the time responder has to rebid, it is often clear what the best final contract should be, especially if either player has made a limit bid.

Standard Acol has not changed significantly since that time. There sytsem various methods for counting length, some always count just long suits, others count short suits and the one implemented in WolfBridge counts long suits when declaring a new suit, but counts shortages when responding to partners suit. It is biddibg intention only to present the information as concisely and as accurately as possible.

No Trump hands are balanced hands, containing systfm maximum of one doubleton, no singletons or voids and stoppers in at least three suits. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. If the opening is one of a suit, then the required strength and Quick Trick ability can be slightly lower than in American methods, especially if the opener holds a 6-card suit. There are a total of 40 points in the entire pack of cards 10 per suittherefore an average hand will contain 10 points.


Acol is the bridge bidding system that, according to The Official Encyclopedia of Bridge[1] is “standard in British tournament play and widely used in other parts of the world”. In order to bid accurately, you need to be able to value your hand. Suits are biddable when you hold a length of four cards headed by at least one honour card or you hold five or more cards.

As well as high card points, when playing with an unbalanced hand, some additional points are given for length, as obviously even small valued cards can be winners when they are the trump suit. Bidding starts with the dealer and continues around the table in a clockwise direction until three consecutive players have announced “No Bid”, at which time the auction is over and the game progresses to playing the cards.

The history of the Acol System is rather unique in that it was first employed in in a relatively small North London Bridge Club located on Acol Street, and hence the name. Jump overcalls promise at least 6 cards, but may be played as weak, intermediate or strong.

Two-Over-One responses were originally made even on weak hands with about 8 points, but are presently played using the strength required for traditional American Standard, which is approximately 10 high card points.

Acol Crib Sheet

It is a ssytem system than the American 5-Card System, which employs the agreement that a Major suit opening bid demands at least a 5-card suit. Views Read Edit View history. In interminable slow walks However, some Acol players feel that this response is forcing to at least 2 No Trump. There are six special opening bids which are quite closely defined, and one wide-ranging opening bid:.

The Acol Bidding System

Following are several basic guidelines, conventional methods, and approaches, which are employed in the basic Acol System. This page was last edited on 6 Decemberat It can be compared to a living language since it is liable to change at the whim of users.

The first bid other than “No Bid” is known as the “Opening Bid”. The first book on the system was written by Ben Cohen and Terence Reese.

More detailed information about the acol bidding system can be found in the following web pages:. The list is definitely incomplete, but the idea is to understand the basics first, and systemm is the sole purpose and intention of this web presentation.


Acol is a natural system of bidding, meaning that your bidding is normally a declaration of your holding and not some coded message.

If you wish to include this feature, or any other feature, of the game of bridge in your partnership agreement, then please make certain that the concept is understood by both partners.

That players partner is then referred to here as the “Responder”. Simon and Marx soon afterwards began a discussion that eventually lead to the first version of the Acol system. For long suits count an extra point for the fifth card in any suit and every card beyond. In common usage, the term Acol is understood to refer to a four-card majors system.

The original No Trump range was high card points, but this range has been reduced to high card points over the years. Unbalanced hands or hands that otherwise don’t fit the criteria for bidding NT should be opened with a suit. The Acol System was the brain-child of various bridge players, among whom were Mr.

I’ve not seen a mathematical description about how to count this value anywhere.

The fourth edition introduced three new chapters on competitive bidding, mistakes to avoid, and two clubs over one no-trump the Marx or Stayman convention.

Having established the value of your hand, you also need to look at the shape and decide whether you are going to bid No Trump or which suit s you can bid. Gambling 3 No Trump equals a long and strong Minor suit with at least two other suits protected with a stopper. Also, any bridge player interested in the Acol bidding system has a large selection of publications, which deal solely with this approach.

On top of that you should also have stoppers in three suits, stoppers being either and A, a Hidding, Qxx or a bare minimum of Jxxx.

You should always try to open with the maximum bid that fits your hand as a weaker opener denies values for the stronger opening bid.