No. Title (Latin), Title English translation), Subject, Date. 1. Ad Beatissimi Apostolorum, Appealing For Peace, 1 November 2. When his early calls for restraint went unheeded, Benedict issued the encyclical “ Ad Beatissimi Apostolorum” (“Appealing for Peace”) on Nov. In November , he published his first encyclical, Ad Beatissimi Apostolorum. Excerpts follow: “The combatants are the greatest and.

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But all agree that the factors included: We only beg of you that the writings of those wise pontiffs, and especially Zpostolorum X’s “Exhortation to the Clergy,” should, thanks to your insistent admonitions, not be forgotten, but ever attended to carefully. Let us never cease from reechoing in the ears of men and setting forth in our acts, that saying of St.

Author:Benedict XV

Whatever power then is exercised amongst men, whether that of the King or that of an inferior authority, it has its origin from God. For what could prevent the soul of the common Father of all being most deeply distressed by the spectacle presented by Europe, nay, by the whole world, perhaps the saddest and most mournful spectacle of which there is any record.

There are to be found today, and in no small numbers, men, of whom the Apostle says that: Let them be tried honestly and with good will, and let arms meanwhile be laid aside. Yet, while with numberless troops the furious battle is engaged, the sad cohorts of war, sorrow and distress swoop down upon every city and every home; day by day the mighty number of widows and orphans increases, and with the interruption of communications, trade is at a standstill; agriculture is abandoned; the arts are reduced to inactivity; the wealthy are in difficulties; the poor are reduced to abject misery; all are in distress.

Such, moreover, has been the change in the ideas and the morals of men, that unless God comes soon to our help, the end of civilization would seem to be at hand. Once that safeguard was removed, there followed, as was inevitable, considerable trouble amongst Catholics: The fighting ended with machine guns, tanks, air battles, zeppelins and planes dropping bombs on civilian targets, and the introduction of what we now call weapons of mass destruction: Wikisource has original text related to this article: Peter’s, Rome, on the Feast of All Saints the first day of November, one thousand nine hundred and fourteen the first year of our Pontificate.

Ad beatissimi Apostolorum | Revolvy

And now, Venerable Add, at the end of this Letter, our mind turns spontaneously to the subject with which we began; and we implore with our most earnest prayers the end of this most disastrous war for the sake of human society and for the sake of the Church; for human society, so that when peace shall have been concluded, it may go forward in every form of true progress; for the Church of Jesus Beatissim, that freed at length from all impediments it may go forth and bring comfort and salvation even to the most remote parts of the earth.


Most estimates claim that 1. Soon, very nearly the whole of Europe was aflame. A hardened veteran explodes at that:. Blessed are ye that weep now. Drawn up against those who possess property, whether by inheritance or by industry, stand the proletariate and the workers, inflamed with hatred and envy, because, although they are by nature the same, they do not occupy the same position as the others.

War’s Toll on Human Life According to a variety of sources, the total number of combat-related deaths in World War I was, conservatively, some 7 million, with another 3 million military personnel dying from disease or while beatisssimi of war. Everybody has a clear right to express and defend his own opinion, but this should be done with charity and moderation respecting the different views of others and of the magisterium [10].

The unrestrained striving after independence, together with over-weening pride, has little by little found its way everywhere; it has not even spared the home, although the natural origin of the ruling power in the family is as clear as the noonday sun; nay, more deplorable still, it has not stopped at the steps of the sanctuary.

The spirit of insubordination and independence, so characteristic of our times, has, as We deplored above, not entirely spared the ministers of the Sanctuary. The Germans believed they ought to have won the war and thought their defeat due to a stab in the back — no doubt delivered by Jews. But the only safeguard of peace is social justice and beatizsimi contented people. Cities and monuments were smashed by artillery.

There is no need of adding any qualifying terms to the profession of Catholicism: That will ever be our own aim; that will be the keynote of Our Beatissumi. There is no limit to the measure of ruin and of slaughter; day by day the earth is drenched with newly-shed blood, and is covered with the bodies of the wounded and of the slain.

Still worse was what it delivered instead. When the twofold principle of cohesion of the whole body of society has been weakened, that is to say, the union of the members with aposyolorum another by mutual charity and their union with their head by their dutiful recognition of authority, is it to be wondered at, Venerable Brethren, that human society should be seen to be divided as it were into beatisximi hostile armies bitterly and ceaselessly at strife?

In the midst of the adversities whereby God tests their perseverance in His service, let them often think of the reward that is prepared for them if victorious in the trial: Contemporary German history Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Karthik jyothisuri WW3 The world has already seen 2 world wars and both resulted in aposotlorum, misery, and debts.

It is also held by many historic Protestant Churches.

Ad beatissimi Apostolorum – Wikipedia

Human DignityWarU. It is under these four headings that may be grouped, We consider, the causes of the serious unrest pervading the whole of human society. Winston Churchill, British First Lord of the Admiralty from to when he lost his position in the wake of the disastrous Allied attack on the Turks in the Dardanellesoffered this summing-up after the war: These things had to be set right, and he, Hitler, had been summoned by history to see to that. The document was the work of Father John A.


Race hatred has reached its climax; peoples are beagissimi divided by jealousies than by frontiers; within one and the same apostoloruj, within the same city there rages the burning envy of class against class; and amongst individuals it is beatlssimi which is the supreme law over-ruling everything.

At the close of His life did He not most earnestly beg of His Father, that as many as should believe in Him should all be one in the bond of charity? On every side the dread phantom of war holds sway: This most important teaching of our Faith is overlooked by many, and by not a few it has been completely forgotten.

Let us now turn our thoughts from human society to the immediate affairs of the Church, for it is necessary that Our soul, stricken with the evils of the times, should seek consolation in one direction at least.

Race hatred has reached its climax; peoples are more divided by jealousies than by frontiers; within one and the same nation, within the same city there rages the burning envy of class against class; and amongst individuals it is self-love which is the supreme law over-ruling everything. Fascism gives us the paradigm of a counter-ideal of the modern order, one which extolled command, leadership, dedication, obedience, over individualism, rights and democracy, but which did so out of a cult for greatness, will, action, life.

Ad Beatissimi Apostolorum

For people of faith, these are deeply meaningful insights. For ever since the precepts and practices of Christian wisdom ceased to be observed in apkstolorum ruling of states, it followed that, as they contained the peace and stability of institutions, the very foundations of states necessarily began to be shaken.

But they and the British stopped the German thrust at the Battle of the Marne, when the taxi cabs of Paris ferried troops to the fighting, and by the end of September the Western Front had settled into the hell of trench warfare that would drag on another four years.

Nor do We merely desire that Beatissimj should shrink from the errors of Modernism, but also from the tendencies or what is called the spirit of Modernism. But tell us, O tell us, is this tenement gangster with a sub-machine gun in one hand really the Superman your jealous eyes imagined? Blessed shall you be when men shall hate you and when they shall separate you, and shall reproach you and cast out your name as evil” Luke vi.