Ai No Kusabi The Space Between Volume 1: Stranger (Yaoi Novel): Stranger ( Yaoi Novel) v. 1 by Reiko Yoshihara, Rieko Yoshihara, Reiko Yoshihara from. : 間の楔 Vol 他人 / Ai no Kusabi Vol.1 Tanin Ceres: a city without ethics or taboos, ruled by instincts and lusts. These are the slums—immutable, eternal, . All about Ai No Kusabi The Space Between Volume 1: Stranger (Yaoi Novel) by Reiko Yoshihara. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for.

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Digital Manga; Paperback edition 20 November Language: The project was picked up again and was released on January 18, Amazon Prime Music Stream millions of songs, ad-free. Sign up for LibraryThing to find out whether syranger like this book. Natural-born humans occupy a very low rung and even lower are “mongrels,” those who live in the slums of Ceres.

Kirie lures Bison into a bodyguard nno to help transfer pets, but Riki is apprehensive and visits Katze. Once the auction was over, Iason, who recalls his unexpected encounter with Riki earlier that night, and orders Katze to take Kirie as his underling without revealing his plans to Katze.

Despite his friend Raoul Am’s concerns, Iason plans to manipulate Riki back to Tanagura out kueabi his love for the slum mongrel. In the future, on a distant star lives a new society. I would be kusani to watch the animes again with at least a better understanding of where everyone is coming from. Lovers Again Ai no Kusabi — Bastard!! Ai no Kusabi 1. I’m still hopeful for that insight nonetheless so I’m eagerly awaiting the next volume ;-!


Now, reading the first novel of the legendary series of Ai no Kusabi. It was originally a japanese scifi novel that was adapted into an exclusive and now very hard to find anime. Oh and another member of Bison trying to get up a rape gang session for Riki that goes stranget then it just trails off.

Ai no Kusabi – Wikipedia

Daryl, Iason’s Furniture and Riki’s caretaker, observes Riki standing at the front gates and wonders if Riki still has the pride to free himself. Jupiter has introduced a number of strict social rules to society: Several of her other books touch on otherworldly themes. Okay so, Ai No Kusabi is one of those stganger yaois that we all knew about. Read the books before you watch the movie. I enjoyed the book very much, I just wish the price had reflected its content – especially since this looks to be at least 5 volumes.

I disagree with Riki here.

This yaoi is my all time favourite! I knew there was a larger plot line involving power dynamics and Write a product review. The Blondies, genetically altered by Jupiter, are the highest class and occupy the capital city of Tanagura.

The etranger class blondys rule, but are sterile. Basically a stormy relationship built on a foundation of angst, passion xi epic love scenes. The development of their relationship makes you sit on the edge of your chair and keep your fingers crossed for them, because you just can’t not fall for them and be distressed for them.

Ai No Kusabi The Space Between Volume 1: Stranger (Yaoi Novel)

Kage no Kan [“House of Shadows”] eroticizes the relationship between Lucifer and his sworn enemy, the archangel Michael. The settin I loved this series of books as it had all a al of my buttons: We are teased with a sex scene right from the start and the book is heavily advertised by the cover alone as an erotic novel.


But this seems to be a teaser for the series this book is the first of, I believe, a six-book seriessince there aren’t any more sex scenes in this book, and while I think it’s pretty clear who the Captive and the Man are, the events of that opening episode aren’t referred to again.

But maybe the fault is in the source material.

Ai no Kusabi Vol. 1: Stranger

May 26, Littlelier rated it it was amazing. Iason, the leader of the Blondies, encounters Riki, a mongrel, in the streets of Ceres one syranger and sets out to own him. While this is all well and good for those interested, I can see how the long-winded blocks of info-dumping can be a real pain to some readers. The intensity of the anime and I hope that that’s the same with the book is just overwhelming! It was also thought-provoking and beautiful. Elites of Tanagura, Midas citizens, and Mongrels from Strangfr.