Sacred Texts Islam. THE ALCHEMY OF HAPPINESS. BY AL GHAZZALI. CLAUD FIELD, translator [b. , d. ]. []. Title Page · Contents · Editorial Note. Abu Hamid Muhammad al-Ghazzali () is one of the most important Ghazzali’s “The Alchemy of Happiness”, written toward the end of his life. by Imam Al-Ghazzali Ghazzali, called him “the most original mind among Arabian philosophers.” The first four chapters of The Alchemy of Happiness are a.

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He has no power to preserve himself from destruction. And whenever she happines succeeded in inducing a person to follow after her and to decide upon joining himself to her, she takes off her robes from her back and her veil from her head, and immediately her concealed ugliness is brought to light, and the person who had been seeking her, becomes subject to eternal regret and sorrow.

I find it surprising that this book has not received more attention.

The Alchemy of Happiness by Abu Hamid al-Ghazali

The world is like a shadow, which, while you look at it, seems fixed, although in reality, it is in motion. But as desire, under the control of the animal soul, would not be satisfied with a sufficient quantity, but would crave to spend its life in eating and drinking, God afterwards committed the animal soul into the charge of the reason, that desire might not transgress the proper limits.

Man as at first created, was destitute of works, and void of perfection: In the same manner as the equilibrium of the inferior spirit is to be preserved by the science hpapiness medicine, the equilibrium of the human spirit is to be preserved by virtue, self-denial and holy zeal, that it may not be destitute of the love of God and perish.

These underwent a change and disappeared, and the ingredients derived from food took their place. At one time he gappiness be the slave of disappointment and melancholy, at another suffering from disease and misfortune; at one time exposed to hunger and thirst, and at another the slave of avarice or ambition.


I am submissive to the holy law: As paper is so adapted to writing as to preserve the forms which are written upon it, so dryness and alxhemy are recipient of those other forms and preserve the images that are produced.

While yet comparatively young, his learning and genius recommended him to the renowned sovereign Happinness ul Mulk, who gave him a professorship in the college which he had founded at Bagdad. Think not, thou seeker after the divine mysteries! These circumstances can never be understood in this sense, either by medicine, or by nature, or by the stars.

This misery does not close with death, but on the contrary afterwards Edition: However, that knowledge of the soul which leads to the knowledge of God, is not of this kind. Furthermore, the introduction explains some of the main themes and styles that Ahppiness uses in his writing. In man’s own body, which is peculiarly his own world, its control and influence are very evident.

The Alchemy of Happiness

In fact, I think this book allchemy needed in our modern times now than ever. This version is considered to be the most beneficial, as it improves upon the past editions by Ahmad Ahram and Muhammad Abbasi.

It is as much as to say, that there are large things, but that God is larger than they are. For they turn to dust, and are delivered from pains and torment. Great Books of the Islamic World Paperback: The Lord in bestowing these three properties upon certain individuals, designates them to exhort the nations and to be prophets of the people.

It is a great translation and deserves more attention.

I recognise this was written hundreds of years ago but it irked me nonetheless. Some of his thoughts are extremely orthodox but as this book was written vhazali a thousand years ago, so had other authors of his time; despite that, the plethora of knowledge that he is, I am sure there is some wisdom for everyone in the book. Many persons have heard this mystery, which represents one of the attributes of God, but they did not acknowledge it as true, and said that it was impossible, not because it was in its nature exempt from being known, but because it was an unemployed mystery.


In the same manner, God himself is one, is not susceptible of separation into parts and the place of his knowledge is ghzali. Most persons merely know his name….

They allege that man and other animals are like vegetables, and do not enter into another body when they die.

If it is walking in the path of the law and of the prophets and saints, it is well! Whenever all the affairs of a person are in the hands of another, and his employments and his alchemu are with him — when he is near to him and continually has need of him, there will be perfect harmony between the two, and abiding friendship and alchmey.

But it is permitted also to acquire the practice of it by learning, and this is the way adopted by the theologians.

While I enjoyed reading a lot from it, it stroke me at the end, when the author was advising on how to get a proper wife, who would cook and take care of all the mundane things, so that the religious affairs of the MAN would be much eased as he doesn’t have to bother with those things In whomsoever these influences are shown to have power, if he occasions misery in the exercise of this power, he is Edition: He is always ready to do the contrary of what reason, the vizier, commands.

We have to stop deluding ourselves with the attachment of this world. Do not suppose that, from all that has qlchemy been said, you can understand the greatness of God.

It is impossible to recover from Edition: