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NET Web Service architecture allows better scalability and performance. This will refresh the screen with an updated list of events during the date range you specified. This is also true for all other applications that must access web services and is not built on. For example, the Server may be located in the closet and is normally inaccessible. Under the stand alone environments, all primary payment activities are originated from the Aldelo EDC client application.

While troubleshooting issues that may occur while processing credit cards, the audit trail should be your first source of information. This section provides some guidance on installation verification. This will save the settings so you can move onto other first time setup tasks.

Aldelo POS Restaurant Manual | Sharp pos terminal up-v series manual

Your actual setup may vary slightly based on the deployment strategy you chose in Chapter 2. These may also interfere with Auto Batch Close scheduler. Normally, if you are using Aldelo EDC under integrated environments, you will not directly access the gratuity adjustment function within Aldelo EDC Client application. This will allow you to create your first security role.


This will be the password used when you try to access something that is protected by the security settings. This User Manual is created to help you understand the ins and outs of our payment processing software.

All of the payment processing and utility methods are encapsulated into a web service called EDC. This is to utilize affordable broadband Internet, such as DSL or Cable, to achieve super fast authorization and settlement. This will bring up the Store Settings for the software. If you are a third party solution integrator, then XML will be of an interest since all transaction response messages are delivered in XML formats.

Password will also auto expire in 90 days and will automatically lock the user out after 6 attempts to guess the password. On top of all these built-in application level securities, Aldelo EDC also uses Microsoft SQL Server as the back end data store for maximum reliability and scalability.

When any action is performed, a record of that action is recorded in the audit trail. You may also download a copy from Microsoft at http: NET web service methods that handle payment processing and utility functions.

The Store Deployed Payment Middleware solutions are PC based credit card processing software that may operate in stand alone mode or be part of an integrated solution.

The reason we deploy everything on the server is to have nanual ability to create and maintain database, as well as other server administrative duties.

Aldelo EDC User Manual |

This Client component communicates with the Server component to execute server based payment processing actions. If you need more information about any field in Aldelo EDC, use the tool tips by manial the mouse pointer over the field you have questions about.


However, if there are any technical difficulties, Aldelo Technical Support Staff will advise you to upgrade your system to meet or exceed the baseline system configuration before continuing the troubleshooting steps. The knowledge of manual mwnual configuration will become handy in the event you have to maintain the folder securities yourself.

Your Business Doesn’t Have a Pause Button

Send comments about this manual to contact aldelo. Our technical support staff is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to assist you. Integrated Merchants are those aleelo who need to process credit card transactions via an integrated environment. Overall, Aldelo EDC is a simple to use, reliable, secure, and scalable credit card payment processing solution for any merchants who wish to accept credit cards. Aldelo EDC automatically expire all passwords every 90 days.

The Server deployment is always the same as Single System Deployment described above. Since the Server Component does janual offer user interface for operations, you will use the Client tool in order to setup, administer, or use Aldelo EDC solution. This chapter provides you with step by step configuration and testing procedures to ensure proper setup of Aldelo EDC. This is a set of ASP. This deployment strategy does require you to meet the Baseline System Configuration of both the Server and Client.

The fields of the wizard are explained in the software popup tooltip. Each transaction is listed on this report along with transaction details such as transaction number, invoice number, transactions type, status, credit card number, data and time, etc.