All Just Glass is a novel written by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes and the seventh book in her Den of Shadows series and her twelfth novel overall. It is the direct. Sarah Vida has given up everything for love. From a legendary family of vampire- hunting witches, Sarah was raised to never trust a vampire. This sequel to Shattered Mirror () in the Den of Shadows series continues the story of the Vida witch clan and their mortal enemies.

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– All Just Glass by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes – You’re

Taking place a few years after the events of In the Forests of the Nighta young writer by the name of Jessica Allodola has published the book Tiger, Tiger a fictional name for In the Forests of the Night under the pen name “Ash Night”. I eventually decided to ignore the time stamp at the beginning of each chapter. Christopher and his brother overpower Sarah and attempt to blood-bond her to them. InAtwater-Rhodes converted to Judaism.

Demon in My View.

ALL JUST GLASS by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes | Kirkus Reviews

atwatter-rhodes This story was fast paced and there was a lot going on in a matter of hours. When I heard that All Sarah Vida has done the unthinkable. But characters we rarely see? It’s a really cool thing, if you’re familiar with the world, to see characters that other books have mentioned in passing, out and about living their lives and affecting the lives of our current protagonists. What about poor Zachary? Sarah Vida has done the unthinkable.

Nissa has always lived a peaceful lifestyle. The ameila has definitely improved–good thing since her first book was impressive for a year-old but not so impressive compared to YA in general. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. And it’s something she knows she must fulfill at all costs. She tells of how all she has known all her life is war and all that she wants is to put an gass to it. She is a talented artist, which attracted Kaleo to her.

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At the start of the book, Christopher is attending the same school as Sarah. Yep, it took AWAY ztwater-rhodes my enjoyment of the previous story.

Den of Shadows 9 books. Because a lot of the issues with flow and structure and everything else could have been cleaned up and fixed with editing. The primary focus is the day-to-day lives of the vampire-hunting witches, which I particularly enjoyed, since they’ve atwatre-rhodes by and large the one-dimensional fanatical assholes of Amelia’s world. This felt sloppy and convoluted, especially since most of the characters all sounded the same. Smoke witches are powerful healers and they do not fight or hunt vampires.

Rounding up – 2. The young witch attends high school like a normal teenager but meets and befriends Christopher, a vampire who is later revealed to be the twin of Nikolas, against the laws of the Vida coven. Amy’s site with all her books listed: This is a nice idea, but it just ends up dragging the story down, as too much time is spent on the characters own reflections, and not enough progressing the storyline.

And she still is, but we get to see more of the reasons behind her bitchiness! She manages to create a dangerous world full of witch vampire-hunter families, and pit them against the vampires that now hold one of their own. Despite that, though, I enjoyed what the book offered.

Preceded by Token of Darkness. I have forgotten so many details that make my reaction this book a “uh? I don’t recall Sarah feeling so bland from reading Shattered Mirror in Apr 16, Jessica Patzer rated it liked it Shelves: I had fun revisiting the world and characters all of whom are beautiful, dark, and brooding, of coursebut the way this was written just felt sloppy with strange jumps in continuity.


Sign In Don’t have an account? When a new mediator comes to join them, Alysia, Sarik becomes suspicious. It also had quite a bit of tension that Adia’s story lacked. Deciding to end this bond Shevaun sets out to kill Erin.

Yeah, they can clutter the text something awful. It took me almost the first pages to really get into this book. I squeaked with joy when I heard there would be a sequel. I spent the better part of my teenage years on an Amelia Atwater-Rhodes message board, learning about and immersing myself in the world she’d created.

All Just Glass

Though I was a little bit lost in the beginning since this is a continuation of the third book in the series that I’ve read a while ago and I’ve managed to forget almost everything about it. Sarah decides to go against the warnings of Nissa and attends the party.

Retrieved on July 22, galss Being the daughter of a woman who is essentially queen of the witches – witch, in Amy’s world, being near synonymous with “vampire hunter” – this created a lot complications, not only for Sarah, but for her family as well.

Sarah Vida has given up everything for love. In March she announced that her first trilogy for adults had been purchased by Harper Voyage Impulse-part of HarperCollins.