Cover of Artemisia by Anna Banti. Anna Banti’s novel Artemisia tells the story of the painter Artemisia Gentileschi, who was one of the first. These are the opening words of Anna Banti’s novel Artemisia. Who is talking? And when? The first-person voice – that of the author – writes. Artemisia by Anna Banti – book cover, description, publication history.

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The Germans destroyed her house and, with it, the original manuscript of this novel.

Why should she be dismissed? Anna Banti born Lucia Lopresti in Florence on 27 June ; died in Massa on 2 September was an Italian writer, art historian, critic, and translator. View all 6 comments. We just don’t know.

Anna Banti – Wikipedia

Romanzo molto attuale nonostante il lessico ricercato: Learn more about Amazon Prime. As a result of the scandal, she was married off to a neighbor wnna went to Florence, where she received commissions for her art.

The life as a female artist in the 16th Century, the price she had to pay for the independence is beautifully written with great introspection, vulnerability as well as historical sensitivity.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: And women killing themselves—Cleopatra, Lucrezia. A thickly textured and moving portrait. Her father, Orazio, a celebrated artist in his own right, was her teacher and mentor.

Explore the Home Gift Guide. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. She misses her husband and mourns the loss of him for her whole life, though she had chosen her art career over following him at quite a young age.


Mar 24, Lauracio rated it liked it Shelves: But in this she is able to intensify the feelings of loss, of force of circumstance and the accidents of all our lives. Artemisia is an utterly believable creation of a stunning painter influenced by Caravaggio who converted his violence into reinterpretations of such characters as Judith and Susanna, that fully channel her own trauma. It is remarkable for the ease with which Banti changes perspective and time.

Far beyond the degree to accuracy of most historical fiction. If you know nothing about Artemisia you might get the feeling from this novel that her accomplishments were ratemisia important than history has deemed them.

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Not an easy read, but stick with it! Libro scritto in modo aulico e meraviglioso. Banti also wrote art criticism and monographs on painters Lorenzo Lotto, Fra Angelico, Velazquez, Monetliterary criticism and film reviews, and translated novels by Thackery, Colette, Alain Fournier, and Virginia Woolf.

Books Fiction Literature Reviews 2 Comments. Anna Banti’s novel, ‘Artemisia’ is an extraordinary novel, both for its subject and for its author.

Susan Sontag · A Double Destiny: Anna Banti’s Artemisia · LRB 25 September

Jan 03, Cynthia rated it really liked it Shelves: Cercavo una biografia di Artemisia Gentileschi che mi permettesse di immergermi nella vita di questa grande pittrice. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. And while I know some of these paintings in my head, others have been brought to life by Banti’s descriptions and will resonate even more when I qrtemisia a chance to look at them again. This edition features a new introduction by the celebrated critic and writer Susan Sontag. Certainly, this solved the problem of Anna Banti’s unusually large vocabulary, although Caracciolo’s translation seems dense and dull by comparison, conveying the sense but failing to find an equivalent to the light springing rhythm characteristic of Banti’s prose.


The Germans destroyed her house and, with it, the original manuscript of this novel. But she was never hanti happy in Naples. What we have, as Susan Sontag articulated in her introduction, is a dialogue.

Clearly there were many things that meant more to her. A phoenix of a book, written out of the ashes of another book, the novel is a tribute to bitterness and to tenacity — that of the bereft little girl artemisai the early s who will, against all odds, become a renowned painter, that of the bereaved author who will write a novel that is surely more original than the one consumed in the fires of war.

She died in Ronchi di Massa Tuscanny in Sociology hanti anthropology and whatever other fields involving one set of humans thinking themselves satisfactorily equipped to “study” another do not count, for a lexicon of cultural terminology or a guide book for tourism do not a level anja of power playing make.

She could neither read nor write, and she was the reviled victim in a public rape trial, rejected by her father, and later abandoned by her husband.

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