Printed by D. V. Syamala Rau, at the Vasanta Press,. The Theosophical Society, Adyar, Madras. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Indological Books, ‘Principles Of Tantra – Tantra Tattva. Ganesh _ Co – Arthur ‘. J WORKS ON TANTRA BY ARTHUR AVALON The Great Liberation the Sansknt 2nd Ed revised with copious additional notes, Principles of Tantra Vols.

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The press copy was further read by Mr Shrlnivasa Aiyer who compared it with a manuscript m his possession.

John Woodroffe – Wikipedia

The purposes to which mental, vocal and bodily action should be put are His worship. When Gaihga was called down from heaven by Bhagiratha, She first fell into the artuhr hair jafa of Shiva. Details are then given of the ritual of this Homa in which mental offerings of the senses Indriyas and so forth are made. The work is not only frequently quoted, but it princilpes been the subject of several com- mentaries, among others the Prapanchasarasambandhadlpika, the Prapanchasaravivara7ja, and the Prapanchasarasarasam.

It is ahamkara thought of as before its divisions into Taijasa, Vaikarika, and Bhautika. I and 1 1 — out of print. Thus should one’s own beloved be worshipped bhajet. It should be noted that in every case the Mantra also changes.

After the disjointed fashion of several other parts of the work, at v. It gives the rituals of Kula Dharma and also an account of the three classes into which mankind is divided and other important particulars necessary for an adequate knowledge of the Sampradaya.

His position is not fully understood by the majority of present day scholars who write or speak about him.


Here follow some verses dealing with diseases and their causes. His throat is adorned by large and shining tiger claws. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. Shrl is of peer- less beauty and like molten gold, joyous and decked with all jewels. Rites done to attract and control respectively. As the embodiment of the seven groups of letters 1Avaoon is the seven planets.

Kapha or Shlesima is that portion of Rasa which fills all the intercellular spaces of the body thus holding them together in a kind of cooling embrace i and prevents the combustion which would otherwise have been caused by organic heat.

She acts, and to do so is Her will and Her will is what She is. Henceforward the work deals largely with ritual which can only atrhur described in an abbreviated form.

Kurmaka causes movement of the eyelids iKrzkaraka causes hunger ; Devadatta yawning ; and Dhananjaya causes various sounds Rava meaning apparently motions in the body and does not leave it even after death As there are ten airs, so there are ten fires in the body, Of these, seven fires are in the seven substances Dhatus and three in prihciples Svedaphlegm Kleda and entrails Antra. It means the ever-blissful and Supreme Brahman Savituh.

The combined seeds in the course of the day by the action of air, fire and water solidify into a body the size of the mother’s thumb Next day the embryo becomes a frothy body budbudakara. These make 38 Kalas for the fifty letters. If ‘ananya 1 be read for ‘ananta’ the meaning will be “Who art mseparate from Thy creatures”. Bindu and Visarga whose manifestations are dealt with later are the Sun and Moon respectively. Thus from the taking of unwholesome food discharge from the penis Pramehastrangury Mutrak?


By these offerings the Sadhaka realises his principlse body.

Full text of “Tantric Texts Series Edited by Arthur Avalon (John Woodroffe)”

That is the first and last letter other than Ma, oc second and last but one and so on are taken together, there being in all 24 letters. Commentary by Subha- gananda-natha.

The reason for the omission may be explained by the fact that the manuscript available to avslon editors did not contain the chapter.

The fifth state is that which immediately precedes Liberation Mukti and is denned as “that condition where the Yogi realises the inseparateness of Atma and Paramatma.

Svair indriyair yadstma bhuriikte bhogan sa jagaro bhavaci. This meditation is of a typical Vaisknava quality.

Principles Of Tantra Tantra Tattva. 1960 Ganesh Co Arthur Avalon

He is then contemplated upon as the unconquerable One Who by His valour has laid in the dust all His enemies and “has lightened the weight of this Earth” 2. See note 3 adding above and below. If there be a preponderance of Shomta the child becomes a female ; if the proportions are even the child becomes a hermaphrodite and when Shukra pre- dominates then the child becomes a male.

Again in v 31 fuither Shaktis are given One of the fruits of Her puja is declared to be the power to bring under control even the wives of Kings Some warrior Shaktis are given in v.

In Ayurveda it is said that these three acting on the body in different ways produce various results. A kind of jasmine.