If you can’t find your Serial Number: Check out our Finding your Serial Number FAQ Entry for instructions. If you see a message that your coupon has already. ArtRage, stylish and easy to use painting software. Instructions for if you received ArtRage with a Wacom Tablet and cannot find your serial number. Can’t Find. Instructions: Download the installer using the button above. Once you have downloaded the file, double click it and follow the instructions to install the demo.

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Download the disk image using the button above. ArtRage 5 contains natural painting tools like oils and watercolor, sketching tools like pencils and ink pens, and utilities to make painting easier. Latest updates on our RSS Feed. ArtRage includes a manual with every edition of the program.

In Classic Arfrage click and drag on the tool size indicator in the corner of the Tool Picker. Art Tools for Beginners A selected set of tools from ArtRage for people wanting to try basic painting and drawing. Basic one or two point perspective guides can be set up using the Sets button while detailed editing is available via the Perspective Editor.

Retrieved 5 November Technical support is available for ArtRage Studio Pro. ArtRage ratrage designed to be as realistic as possible. If you stack multiple Stencils on top of each other, their combined overlapping area will mask the canvas.


Or follow a feed for our latest news and updates! Check out a series of tutorials on how to paint fantasy maps using ArtRage. ArtRage 4 supports various Wacom stylus features, although they may vary depending on the tool being used.

Classic and Docking Modes have their own Color Pickers. Join in the conversation on the ArtRage Forum and share your paintings. The tool button can be found on the Menu Bar. Wikimedia Commons has media related to ArtRage.


Demos – ArtRage

However the manual will apply to ArtRage Studio as well. Retrieved 4 September Export is used to create a normal image copy of your painting that another piece manuak software can understand.

You can have more than one painting open at a time. Tracing Images are images overlaid on the Canvas to provide a guide while painting. Want to get social with us and our community? Check out the Support Page and fill in a support query if you have a problem.

Retrieved 11 December It will aartrage cover all the tools, but it should help you get started. When you do this the settings of the current tool are stored with a Name and Icon for easy recall later. Select Save Painting in the File Menu at the top to save a painting file. These let artists from both mznual and digital backgrounds paint without having to learn digital tricks to get realistic results.

Docking Mode keeps all of the panels in the top Menu Bar. Latest updates on our RSS Feed.


Want to get social with us and our community? It is possible to share custom resources between users and there is a reasonably active ArtRage community that creates and shares presets, canvases, custom brushes, stencils, colour palettes and other resources.

Download ArtRage Manuals

When you Import an image file a new canvas is created to store it. Try a trial version of ArtRage 5, with no signup, expiry, risk or obligation.

This upgrade discount is handled separately by the Steam and maunal ArtRage stores, so users cannot currently switch between stores. You can access the Layout panel using the Layout button on the menu bar.

Covers the canvas in a regular grid with control over horizontal and vertical spacing. Make sure to always save your work as a Painting File using Save or Save As, never store the only copy of your work by Exporting it.

You can zoom and move views independent of the main canvas to observe sections of it while you work. ArtRage 3 was a huge step forward from ArtRage 2, adding a range of digital editing tools and more advanced features, such as custom brushes Stickers and Watercolors.

ArtRage 5 desktop edition guide how to paint instructions interface manual tools.