Chess Evolution 2 continues Yusupov’s award-winning instructional series. The Fundamentals series shows players the basic ideas they should know, then the. Chess Evolution 2 continues Yusupov’s award-winning instructional series. Save 15% on: Artur Yusupov’s award-wining training course the Complete Series. Are these books worth reading, and if so, in what order? At what rating level would I be ready to start? I am currently only.

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Detailed information on Yusupov’s award-winning training course.

And you will also see more mistakes in different stages of the game, not just the opening, so you will we know how to react when somebody makes mistakes against you. Sedat Eser rated it it was amazing Aug 27, As mentioned in previous reviews of this series, these books husupov three principle audiences. I laughed Tristala 15 min ago. Dayanand Sindhu marked it as to-read Mar 22, yyusupov The Fundamentals level is the easiest one, Beyond artyr Basics is more challenging, and Mastery is quite difficult, even for stronger players.

Yusupov is especially good at explaining complicated subject matter in a clear fashion that makes the material accessible without dumbing it down.

Is there a connection? Hard work will be required to get the most out of the exercises, but it is always accessible and very nicely presented” Sean MarshCHESS “I would like to once again draw attention to the perfect chess lessons by Artur Yusupov, published in no less than nine beautiful parts by Quality Chess.


Chess Evolution 3: Mastery

Soham rated it it was amazing Dec 21, EdoubleU52 10 min ago. Published April 16th by Quality Chess first published February 19th GM Rameshprobably the best trainer in the world.

Jenny marked it as to-read Jun 17, Ka rated it it was amazing May 11, He has won everything there is to win in chess except for the World Championship and is now a chess trainer.

They might prove a bit difficult for you at present but you are welcome to message me on them. Robert Buice marked it as to-read Feb 22, William Brock rated it it was amazing Dec 25, Lists with This Book.

I am busy working through the first book, and even though I am passing the tests after each chapter some just barelysome of the examples before the tests had me throw my head back in agony, shouting: Hard work will be required to get the most out of the exercises, but it is always accessible and very nicely presented”.

Sachi Jain marked it as to-read Nov 15, Be1 Ra1Plachetka-Yusupov, Lucerne ol It sounds like the Yusupov series is very good, but needs supplementation before starting for people underduring reading of the series, and after reading of the series. Aug 29, 4. Perhaps Winter wanted to swap off a potential weakness, the h3-pawn. The answer is that he offers the rare combination of tremendous chess knowledge and the ability and desire to share it.

The present volume covers the following topics. Return to Book Page.


Artur Yusupov’s Nine Books

While Yusupov modestly cautions in his introduction that this series is not a substitute for a trainer, there can be no question that the motivated student working alone can glean much knowledge. Worzel marked it as to-read Sep 06, Else, should I direct my efforts to other books instead? White still has a square for his Knight.

Spectraz marked it as to-read Jul 03, Here is the game which appears in the book with detailed notes. Open Preview See a Problem? They are included to illustrate key endgame ideas in a setting in which each piece or pawn plays an essential role and their potential capabilities are realized in full.

No PayPal account needed. Why should the GM games I go through be from or earlier, and did you have any specific books in mind with recommendations?

How to exploit this white opening? This series is aimed at players below but there will undoubtedly much that is new or previously poorly understood in these volumes by many players even in the yuaupov. Arko marked it as to-read Aug 14, Sheldon Sequeira marked it as to-read Feb 02, Players with attractive female avatars IMBacon 9 min ago.

Quang Vu marked it as to-read Aug 25,