A Premium Member of AUTOSAR consortium since , KPIT provides .. The ADC Driver is responsible for controlling the analog to digital converter and. Worldwide, OEMs and Suppliers Participate in AUTOSAR . ADC Driver The SWS(Software Specification) contains the most detailed information for each. In this paper, AUTOSAR Communication stack is implemented with SCI-UART .. [5] “AUTOSAR SWS LIN Driver, “, AUTOSAR Specification Release

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Seems like in my toolchain the order is defined by the sequence how you add the AdcChannels to the AdcGroup: Returns the version information of this module. The diagrams show all possible configuration options autosag ADC groups. Its allocation is described in below image.

aecdriver The ADC module supports the following start conditions or trigger sources: To guarantee consistent returned values, it is assumed that ADC group conversion is always started or enabled in case of HW group successfully by SW before status polling begins. The resulting question is: For any other purpose, no part of the specification may be autosad or reproduced, in any form or by any means, without permission in writing from the publisher.

Disables the hardware trigger for the requested ADC Channel group. The ADC module shall allow the configuration of a priority level for each channel group. The material contained in this specification is protected by copyright and other types of Intellectual Property Rights. Hardware triggered one-shot conversion where the converted group consists of more than one channel. Development error values are of type uint8.

The specific implementation of the ADC module describes restrictions concerning the available hardware priority levels and the possible mapping of the available hardware priorities to the priorities of the ADC channel groups.

Specification of ADC Driver

DataBufferPtr ADC results of all channels of the selected group are stored in the data buffer addressed with the pointer.


This variant allows a mix of pre-compile time and post-build multiple selectable configuration parameters. Groups with trigger source HW are prioritized always with the HW prioritization mechanism.

Furthermore the table also depicts a possible realization and the mapping of these functionalities to the capabilities of a commercial microcontroller C16x. Requirement for documentation autosarr for module specification. No generic interface in this module. This buffer can hold adcdrivfr samples of the same group channel if streaming access mode is selected.

Both analogue input pins and external trigger pins have to be considered. We intend to leave Chapter The ADC module supports the following conversion modes: The number of hardware triggered requests which can be stored simultaneously, is dependant from the ADC hardware module. If development error detection is enabled for the ADC driver and if the priority mechanism is disabled and queuing disabled: Application Layer contains Ap- plication software components, Sensor and actuator software components.

One pointer for each ADC group is required. In order to request the conversion of a channel shared between two groups, the ADC user has to stop the conversion of the first group containing the specified channel and then start the conversion of the second group containing the specified channel. The ADC module shall guarantee the consistency of the returned result value for each completed conversion.

If development error detection for the ADC module is enabled and the priority mechanism is enabled: The detection of production code errors cannot be switched off. If the priority mechanism is active, the ADC module shall support a queuing auotsar conversion requests, if channel groups with higher priority interrupt channel groups with lower priority or channel group conversion swx can not immediately be handled, because a higher priority channel group conversion is ongoing.

It calls the right API to access the hardware for transmission and reception.


Specification of ADC Driver

If the group is configured in streaming access mode, only the results of the interrupted conversion round are discarded. Link time Label x — – – specifies whether the configuration parameter shall be of configuration class Post Build or not Description The configuration parameter shall be of configuration class Post Build and no specific implementation is required. Microcontroller Abstraction layer is the lowest layer in BSW.

For the module internal. For description and values of the error codes refer to chapter 7.

Furthermore it provides services to enable and disable a notification mechanism and routines to query the status and result of a conversion. HW trigger, one-shot, linear streaming Linear streaming buffer: LIN clock is divided by this Prescalar. Hardware triggered one-shot conversion with notification 79 of Document ID Group 1 consists of 2 channels, group 2 and group 3 consist of one channel each. Resources that are not contained in the configuration file shall not be touched.

autosar – How to access data of an AdcChannel within an AdcGroup data buffer – Stack Overflow

This is the prerequisite for automatic configuration. The error shall be reported to the Development Error Tracer. In adcdrivver of concurrent HW conversion requests, the HW prioritization mechanism controls the conversion order. The sequence is carried out via the following modules: Types of interfac- es are: Please considered following example.

Disables the notification mechanism for the requested ADC Channel group.

Module is a BSW. One such functional group is Communication stack. Fixed channel, single conversion, hardware trigger. Diversity can mean Survival.