The BC is a general-purpose NPN bipolar junction transistor commonly used in European and American electronic equipment. It is notably often the first type. 2SC Transistor Datasheet pdf, 2SC Equivalent. Parameters and Characteristics. BC Transistor Datasheet pdf, BC Equivalent. Parameters and Characteristics.

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The input signal at base is amplified and taken at the emitter. Some manufacturers specify their parts with higher ratings, for example the Fairchild datasheet ABC, Rev B for the BC, sourced from Process 10 gave mA as the maximum collector current, while their datasheets dated have dropped the current rating to the standard mA.

Its equivalent transistors bx458 2N and 2SC Interface Transostor with Arduino. The type number of any of the devices in this “family” may be followed by a letter, “A” to “C”, indicating devices that have been selected that fall within a narrow range of gain h FE.

BC Transistor Datasheet | Transistor BC PINOUT

Paranormal Experiments for Hobbyists. Virgin Galactic transisttor Commercial Space Flight. Skip to main content. Skip to main content. Some manufacturers place slightly different limits on the gain groups, for example the “B” group has been quoted as in a Philips datasheet.

BC548 Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search

These equivalent transistors however have different lead assignments. BC is general purpose silicon, NPN, bipolar junction transistor.


Amplifier modules like Audio amplifiers, signal Amplifier etc. When used as an Amplifier the DC current gain of the Transistor can be calculated by using the below formulae. Interface SD Card with Arduino. Retrieved 28 June When this transistor is fully biased, it can allow a maximum of mA to flow across the collector and emitter. It can amplify power, voltage and current at different configurations. The voltage divider is the commonly used biasing mode. It is notably often the first type of bipolar transistor hobbyists encounter and is often featured in designs in hobby electronics magazines where a general-purpose transistor is required.

BC is a general purpose PNP transistor. This series, introduced in by Philipsbecame the most used transistors in Australia [5] and was taken up by many European manufacturers. Devices registered to this Pro Electron number must have the following trnasistor performance characteristics: Choosing Battery for Robots.

The value of this resistor R B can be calculated using below formula.

Transistor BC548

There is lot of variation in the ft-transition maximum frequency from manufacturer to manufacturer. Sometimes the middle pin is supplied bent to form a triangle of leads as found in TO case transistors and, for example, the ZTXL to match the pinout of the BC more exactly.

To bias a transistor we have to supply current to base pin, this current I B should be limited to 5mA.

In the absence of base signal, it gets completely off. The assignment of transistor elements b,c,e to leads, i. Electronics Circuits and Systems. BC is used in common emitter configuration for amplifiers. When base current is removed the transistor becomes fully off, this stage is called as the Cut-off Region and the Base Emitter voltage could be around mV.


The BC is supplied in a standard TO 3-pin package. Views Read Edit View history. For amplification applications, the transistor is biased such that it is partly on for all input conditions. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. The current gain may vary between and For switching applications, transistor tramsistor biased so that it remains fully on if there is a signal at its base. As viewed in the top-right image, going from left to traansistor, the pinout is as follows:.

Of the above types common emitter type is the popular and mostly used configuration.

2SC Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search. Transistor Catalog

The input signal at base is amplified and taken at the emitter. Interface SD Card with Arduino. Anything more than 5mA will kill the Transistor; hence a resistor is always added in series with base pin to limit the current.

Choosing Battery for Transsitor. BC has a gain value of tothis value determines the amplification capacity of the transistor. The transistor terminals require a fixed DC voltage to operate in the desired region of its characteristic curves. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.