Bhakti in the hearts of men. One of these hymns is the famous Bhaja Govindam. The way of devotion, is not different from the way of knowledge. BHAJA GOVINDAM Tranlation With Telugu Script – Download as Word Doc .doc) , PDF File .pdf), Text File Bhaja Govindam Lyrics and Meaning. Bhaja Govindam is a popular Hindu devotional composition attributed to Adi Shankara. This work of Adi Shankara underscores the view that devotion (Bhakti) to.

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If you have wealth, spend it with full joy, for the sake of those who do not have, the poor, to wipe their tears, instead of squandering carelessly in wasteful bhajaa. No amount of study of scriptural literature will help one to realise the Truth, unless one applies the knowledge learnt in search of that Truth. So, it is important to recognise the truth that One Eternal Source, as expressing through all the names and forms, is to change the very nature of our environment, the very vision of our world around.

Having carried away by the external appearance of govindamm of the body, some people argue that beauty is to enjoy, at least by looking telugk them, whether it is a beautiful woman or an handsome man.

We think God can also lyricw bought like T. He suggests that if one analyses and perceives mentally the reality, the body is composed of only abhorrent flesh and fat, packed in a bag of skin, having nine holes. Though govinda death brings an end to everything, man does not leave his sinful behaviour.

The charity must flow from one’s own abundance and it should be done without any pomp and show, with a sense of brotherhood. Once the dawn of life sets in, the passion and lust lose their grip on our body, thereby one is liberated from the pangs of all worldly problems.

Govindan real achievement is to be gained in one’s own personal inner contemplation by clinging to the sacred feet of Govinda, so that even long before the world comes to reject, one can reject the world of activities and retire into a higher world, where only the Supreme Truth or Govinda exists.

stotram mantram: Lord Bhaja Govindam Lyrics in Telugu Download in pdf

As one progresses in this path, one discovers in onself the rays of light of detachment, i. The Rishis — the very embodiments of wisdom — who were slumbering for long, lyricw again roused up by the sacred chanting of the Upanishds. One has to be solid and strive to filter away from one’s mind the influences of goviindam of life in order to develop the mental equipoise. If money can purchase happiness, then it is but natural that the absence of it can procure only sorrow.

It does not mean that one should run away into forests, leaving behind the kith and kin or dependents high and dry. Although with the age, human being becomes infirm from disease ridden body, desires and sense-enjoyments, worries and anxieties still haunt one. The allurement towards woman’s physical beauty or the physical fitness or body-building of man will fade gpvindam with the passage of time.


As long as one is in the grip of desires, whether one is young or old, one strives to fulfil them. They are Kaantha or Kaminee and Kaanchana, i. While doing so, the sadhaka must control the mind from wandering away through the sense organs Pratyaahaara. Living in flesh and implicitly obeying to the wretched body-consciousness is universally very easy for any one, as the body wants such sensory pleasures or gratification and no practice is necessary for that, but to fight against its own low instincts and come to win the divine mastery over the flesh is very difficult.

It may have to be revised for several mistakes. It is possible only through constant practice when one is young and one’s faculties and mental efficiencies are at the prime, so that by the time one becomes old, one is in a position to visualise the Truth of Life and succeed in attaining It as one is nearing the concluding part of one’s journey. The state of renunciation cannot be attained and one will not get enlightenment by mere book learning without having devotion and complete surrender to God.

A sinful thought pollutes the pure heart, even if it is in dormant state, as it springs up at an opportune moment. No one can disturb the peace of mind and vairaagya, if one is willingly taking shelter in some temples, under some trees, sleeping on the naked ground, wearing a deer skin, and thus renouncing all idea of possession and thirst to enjoy.

So, all methods we apply to acquire wealth will only lead us to disarray and disintegration and results finally in degradation, as attachment brings endless worries. Generous and positive actions may give some gainful results, but not liberation from birth even in hundred years. Of them, the most important are Bhakti, Jnana and Karma Yogas. Like any evil, amassing wealth also leads to unassuming problems. The objects of fascination buaja so numerous and their enchantments are so powerful that it is too difficult to resist and fight against.

Know that in the three worlds, only the association with good people alone can save you as a boat to cross the ocean of life birth and death. So, it is clear that the root cause of all other evil things is the desire. Sri Sankaracharya, out of compassion bhajz man’s plight and folly, bursts forth into these Bhaja Govinda stanzas. The only way out of getting entrapped in this quagmire or quicksand is to raise lyrucs above the body-consciousness.

Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. To waste one’s life in lust and in passion of one’s flesh is definitely dissipating oneself in all faculties. Kaa – where is, Te – your, Kaantaa – wife, Dhanagat – pertaining to vhaja, Chintaa – worry, Vaatula – O distracted one, Kim – is there, Tava – to you, Na asti – not, Lyrocs – the ordainer of rules one who ordains or commandsTrijagati – in the three worlds, Sajjan – of the good, Sangati – association, Sajjanasangati – the association with the goodEkaa – alone, Bhavati – becomes can serve asBhaava arnava tarane – to cross the sea of change birth and lyticsNaukaa – the boat.


But, it is a problem for one, whose mind is still struggling with desires, passions and attachments.

Telugu songs and lyrics — Welcome to the world of music : Bhaja Govindam — Adi Shankaracharya

Precisely for this reason, our elders keep telling us to remember God’s name or Govinda always, so that gpvindam day the heart is filled with HIS love and it telgu be lifted upto HIM. If you face any problem in downloading, then please email id found on my profile me explaining the same. The only possible antidote for the follies of delusion is complete surrender to Lord and through intelligent enquiry choose “shreyas” instead lyyrics “preyas”.

Yes, it is possible that though one is engaged in worldly concerns and not immersed in meditation, one can still turn one’s mind towards God and be fixed on Him. Whatever activity one may be engaged in, that should be governed by the spirit of renunciation in the heart. As one progresses, by HIS karuna and kripa, one will get enlightenment and power in some measure to ward off desires.

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The hymn “Bhaja Govindam” is said to have been composed on this occasion. But, the disciple, on lyrice part, has to obey the Guru, manasaa, vaacha and karmana so much so that he firmly believes that Guru is God. The grip of Maaya is so strong and powerful in us that we never give different aspects of life their right and appropriate value for enrichment. Srimad Bhagavad Gita teaches the basic difference between bhzja body and the soul and how to overcome the body-consciousness, so that one is always established in the Soul-consciousness, which is the real happiness.

The potent bonds of desire should be totally eliminated from the system of the individual. Therefore, O fool, at least now understand the purport of life and cross the life’s ocean with the help of worshiping Govinda and reciting His sacred names with every breath that you take.

Go or Gobhih means Vedic words, statements or declarations of Upanishads.