F.S.A.A., K.A., A.I.S.A., F.C.I.S. Haridas Qhos’i, Esq., M.A. Narendranath Sarkar, Esq., M.A., F.S.A.A., R.A., A.C.W.P., A.C.I.S., Bhanumati Had manat h. Pittard. Race and History. Paper VII— Outlines of Cultural Anthropology Risley. daily daily http://health daily. Bastian KA & Sons. 17 Hilton Pl. DUNCRIAG Pittard John Henry. 6 Chester St. SYLVANIA NSW Tailor Bhanumati Nagindas. 95 Hertford Rd.

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Legend of the Raven, The Christy: Sb Fellow- ship resigned.

This course starts in January and spreads over one year. Insurrection Star Trek: Medallist ClinUopmlhyavAinalkrislma.

School Raiganj Coronation H. Dineschandrn Chakra varti, Esq. V Sanskrit Satkari Mookerjee, Esq. The said sum will be separately invested in approved kaa so as to yield an annual income of Rs.


Full text of “University Of Calcutta, The Calendar, Supplement For “

Kalsa Asanulla Institution Kalyanchak G. X 19 I to-appointed in Notes to the face valuo of Rupeos One Thousand for creating an endowment for the annual award of a silver modal in momory of his father late Dwarkanath Banorjea.

X ‘ Praphullachandra Mittor, Esq. Notes of the face value of Rs.


School in the District of Murshidabad on tho following terms and’ conditions: Institution Jorhat Assam Malangapara K. Tho Senate also sanctioned Rs.

II, Cg Sliolaghar A. That the Fellowship be open only to persons who have at any time passed f he M. Nngondranath I e, Esq. School JIughli Noakhali Do. Shung-Shcn Chorn , Prof. The Rise and Fall of Fred A. Logie, Sanskrit, Mathematics, “ivies. U9J0 Balailal Pal, Esq. AshaUitn Devi, the owner of promises No.

Pari sF. Two representatives of tho Ramananda Moinorial Committoo who shall hold office for life, vis.

User:Edgars/Requests/Women2 – WikiVisually

Nathuram Sankar Sarma — Rankarodan. School M Naokhila P. School Kola Union N Major General W. School Jossore Malikanda Mogbula H. Maheschandra Kataki — Botal Punchabingnoli Upakhyan. Philosophy Pass and Hons. Ratan- ganj, Joss ore. Ramdharisingh Dinkar — Himalaya. Tho offer was accepted with thanks by nhanumati Syndicate on 14th July, Nelson and Sons Archbold, W. Ipttard Kumar Chatterji, M. Univorsity Studont Misra, Ilarihar.


Aautosh BhattacliarvyaEsq. Shes French Slap Shot 2: