After independence of india when gandhi’s idea started to fade from people’s memory, vinoba started his “bhoodan” movement. And in a period. More Interested in land reform, accomplished voluntarily, than in politics, he founded in , the Bhoodan Movement, or land-gift movement. He travelled. Bhoodan or Land Gift movement began with Acharya Vinoba Bhave in in Telangana. An inspirational icon, Vinoba Bhave’s work.

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This movement later on developed into a village gift or Gramdan movement.

Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. The fundamental weakness of Bhoodan movement movemment that its appeal was directed not to the poor and landless, but to the rich and landlords.

Even though people might not have accepted it wholeheartedly, the fact remains that it has found a place in its agenda. From then on, the ideology of Sarvodaya got firmly established bhoodxn social discourses.

Bhoodan movement

Even while reading it, I considered it to be impractical and even now I feel the same. Vinoba continued his movement for over two and half decades. Now 60 years have gone by and it is now time to attempt having an overview of the movement.

He believed that this was a signal from God and he went out to work. Bhoodan Yajna is an all comprehensive movement directed to the reform in all walks of life. The Sarvodaya Samaj, however, on the whole failed to build an active large scale mass movement that would generate irresistible pressure for social transformation in large parts of country.


However, this land could not be sold. We experienced inthe Bhoodan Movement is giving the message of Renaissance in India. bhopdan

After Gandhi diedBhave was widely accepted as his successor. But whose support do we have? It took more than three years to get another village in bhoodwn. She walked, travelled in bullock carts and mixed with the villagers to understand the movement.

The first village to come under gramdan was Mangroth in Hamirpur Dist of U. In any case, the bhoodqn movement started by Vinoba remained incomplete. You know that Congress has never considered the thoughts in the book as even worth discussing. By constantly keeping on the move, he escaped defamation obloquy. The movement presented a new and much more humane form of development as opposed to what is followed at present.

Bhoodan Movement (Land-gift Movemnet) by Vinoba Bhave

On April 18ththe historic day of the very genesis of the Bhoodan movement, Vinoba entered Nalgonda district, the centre of Communist activity. The government can always say that we have the support of the people as they have voted for us.

However, the concept of Satyagraha that was mentioned in the Hind Swaraj did play a major role in the freedom movement of the country. Similarly, each person got inspired by this non-violent revolution bhooxan worked for it, and it spread like a storm all over the country.


He took part in the padyatra and talked to Vinoba at length. An officer of BAS or of the Bihar secretariat service, who is serving in the revenue and land reforms department in the rank of under secretary, will as function as the convener, said Hboodan. He also wanted everybody to give up using money, this was called ‘kanchan-dan’.

Subhash Pathak Hindustan Times, Patna.

But it is a fact that even if we discard the donated land that could not be distributed, around 25 lakh acres of land has been distributed among the landless. This was called ‘rishi-kheti’.

Vinoba decided to walk three hundred miles to Hyderabad. More than 3 million acres of land were received as Bhoodan during these periods. Vinobaji set himself the task of collecting in land gifts of 50 million acres, so that one acre could be given to each landless peasant with an average of five members.