The aim of this study is to compare two pulpotomy medicaments in primary molars Pulpotomy Dental Caries, Drug: Biodentine Drug: ProRoot. Extensive Decay in Primary Molars, Drug: Biodentine pulpotomy Drug: White MTA Pulpotomy using Tempophore as pulpotomy medicine in a control group. Biodentine pulpotomy was performed followed as pulpotomy medicament in primary molar teeth, on follow-up it was found to be successful.

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The tooth was fully functional and the patient was asymptomatic.

The Dental Elf

The role of endodontics after dental traumatic injuries. It is not recommended for those cases in which the pulp biodentune is extensive or there has been a 2-week lapse between trauma and treatment.

Restor Dent Endod ; A biodentune literature review – Part III: June 04, ; Published Date: Many materials have been used as root end fillings such as amalgam, zinc oxide eugenol, glass ionomer cements, and MTA [ 52 – 54 ]. In evaluating the current preference endodontic material in children amongst Flemish pediatric dentists, Vandenbulcke et al.

Biodentine or MTA for primary teeth pulpotomy? – National Elf Service

In comparison to the other calcium silicate based materials, biodentine possess better biological and physico-chemical properties such as material handling, faster setting time, biocompatibility, stability, increased compressive strength, increased density, decreased porosity, tight sealing properties, and early form of reparative dentin synthesis [ 112132741 ].


Therefore, biodentine saves teeth by preserving the pulp and promoting pulp healing as well as eliminating the need for root canal therapy in most cases [ 10 ]. Drawbacks such as the prolonged setting time, difficult handling characteristics, and high cost of MTA have created a need for search of a more suitable material.

Online since 10 th June, History revealed trauma to the tooth 5 days back. Later on, the hardening process results from the formation of crystals that are deposited in a supersaturated solution [ 5 ].

Management of recently traumatized maxillary central incisors by partial pulpotomy using MTA: We can safely conclude that 18 months post-operative evaluation is sufficient to demonstrate any possible failures in the present cases. As the setting is faster, there is a lower risk of bacterial contamination than with MTA. Dent Clin North Am ; On the other hand, biodentine is not recommended in large biodentiine esthetic build-ups [ 5 ].

This deposition process bidoentine apatitic structures might increase the marginal sealing of the material [ 13 ]. Antibacterial effects of five different root canal sealing materials.

Biodentine pulpotomy several days after pulp exposure: Four case reports

Therefore, this unique material might be an interesting alternative to the existing materials for dentin-pulp complex regeneration [ 21 ]. Biodentine was developed based on the most biocompatible chemistry available for dental materials: When different biodenyine intervals were compared, the highest bonding value was obtained for the 2-step self-etch adhesive at the hour period, whereas the lowest was obtained for the etch-and-rinse adhesive at a minute period [ 43 ].


J Interdiscipl Med Dent Sci. In comparison with the routinely used calcium hydroxide, biodentine is much superior regarding the tissue reaction as well as the amount and type of dentin bridge formation [ 5619 ].

Clinical Applications of Biodentine in Pediatric Dentistry: A Review of Literature

On the other hand, there is some difficulty in removal of biodentine in case of retreatment [ 5 ]. CEM cement and Biodentine display combined properties biodeentine biocompatibility of MTA with more efficient characteristics, such as a significantly shorter setting time, good handling characteristics, and no tooth staining. In another published case report, Villat et al.

Accordingly, they commented that fast favorable pulpal response render this material a suitable choice compared to other materials [ 33 ]. Follow-ups Periodic follow-ups were carried out at 24 hours; 1 week; 30 days; 3, 6, 12, and 18 months. However, in reconstituted saliva containing phosphatesno erosion was observed. Biocompatibility of surface-sealed dental materials against exposed pulps. Latest bioactive materials such as Mineral Trioxide Aggregate MTA and Biodentine, Calcium-Enriched Mixture CEM have excellent biocompatibility and sealing abilities with the added advantage of inducing puopotomy of the pulpal cells.

Pulp capping with adhesive resin-based composite vs.