Title, Download. Bradstone Garden Paving & Walling. Bradstone Masonry Walling Brochure. Bradstone Stone Walling Overview. How to build a circular step. Domestic hard landscaping manufacturer, Bradstone, has launched a new brochure ahead of the gardening season. Designed to bring a. The Bradstone reconstituted walling range is widely accepted by planners for use in sensitive areas. The moulds which are taken from natural stone recreate the.

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The new products team admitted they were nervous about showing it to me, as I have somehow acquired a reputation for being a tad outspoken, and so it was all carefully managed with a gentle introduction by video, repeated assurances that a select band of distributors in the Builders’ Merchanting fraternity loved it, and that they felt the company had to do something distinctive and different for what has unintentionally become quite a stagnant market.

Considering the brochure as a whole, my initial impression when it was placed into my btadstone, grubby mitts was mild disappointment: You don’t need me to tell you that if you are in any way serious about paving, whether you are a contractor, a designer, a DIYer or just someone looking to upgrade their garden or driveway this year, then you simply must get the Bradstone brochure.

Nothing new, but then the existing range is fully comprehensive, with everything you could expect from blocks without there being anything too exotic. One thing about the traditional selection is that there seems to be a flag for every degree of riven and every colour option imaginable, from the lumpy-bumpy, strongly coloured concrete of Borchure, to the delectably seductive and subtle soft surface of pale Honeymede Limestone, and everything between.

Contemporary paving Ventura – BRADSTONE – PDF Catalogs | Documentation | Brochures

Mode porcelain paving – colour and texture options. It keeps the brand fresh while opening new opportunities, and expanding the design options for those keen on a more contemporary bradshone naturalistic look. As already mentioned, the assembled base is levelled up using simple but sturdy screw plastic pedestals which, in turn, sit on top of the supplied concrete padstones.


Can you spot the BIG announcement about porcelain steps? Natural Stone Walling Slips. And what could brkchure used as a contrast? The imitation farthings and wildlife inspired bingo prizes are no more. So, the natural assumption is that it’s a DIY product, and to be honest, I suspect that’s where most sales will come, but as a contractor think about the possibility of being able to go in to a customer’s home and install a neat looking mini-patio in under two hours, with no mess, no fuss, no hassle.

Bradstone Brochure 2017

At a time when our trade needs any help it can get, maybe a different approach to installation of small projects is what we need to stimulate interest. Well, according the incredibly friendly marketing team, it’s a whole new look for Bradstone inwith more focus on producing a brochure that has extra lashings of that upmarket coffee-table book styling which appeals to the clients, while maintaining Bradstone’s reputation for clear and concise size and pack information, which is what’s needed by the contractor.

Experience tells me that shot-textured light-coloured paving doesn’t fare well with tyres. Traditional Riven in Cream. StoneMaster Long Aspector Linear, or Plank, whatever you want to call the long-and-thin xmm version of flagstones that have become popular recently and rightly so! A couple of days prior to the journey down to Derbyshire, the Bradstone Twitter feed had let slip a link to some new content on their website, and being the curious type, I had a nosey and pretty quickly guessed what it was they wanted to show me.

Carbon labelling calculates the carbon footprint of products Interestingly, they have decided to run with the ‘porcelain’ description, but have included a bit of blurb about how this form of ‘porcelain’ in anything but fragile.

I’d better crack on with comments on the brochure itself before this laptop screen runs out of ink.

You could do three a day! There have been similar ideas in the past which have had their merits brdstone have ultimately failed because the company behind the idea didn’t have the resources to withstand the initial scepticism and then invest in serious hard-hitting marketing.

Well, there’s not a lot that’s bardstone, other than a few photies we haven’t seen before, but perhaps that’s what we should expect from a ‘Traditional’ selection. If people want to splurge their spondoolicks on this over-priced skip-filler, then Bradstone might as well take their dosh and put it somewhere safe.


Well, it should come in at around quid per square metre.

Brochure Downloads

Here the first 1 pages from the catalog “Contemporary paving Peak” P. Only one mega-blooper – the e-chuffing-normous crossed joint smack bang in the middle bgochure the full page photie of antiqued sandstone on page 34 – it’s not even pointed properly FFS! Let’s approach it with an open mind. Simply stunning photography – Woburn Infilta block paving. When you’re paying top dollar for a paving, you’d want a bit more choice than stack or stretcher bond, wouldn’t you?

Aaah, but how much does all this convenience cost? As with so many other suppliers, Bradstone have put together a range of fixing and jointing products. So, the walling, which for includes an bradstonr Natural Stone Walling Slip range, and, as trailed previously, some very nice steps in both Porcelain Mode only bfadstone Natural Stone, which were both long overdue. I raised this with the Bradstone team but they profess confidence that the problem is almost non-existent.

Will this be enough to soothe the troubled brow of potential customers? Time, and options, will tell. It’s bradstome mid-range concrete patio flag that costs more per square metre than the natural stone it attempts to ape. However, I do like it when showcase broxhure by pet contractors are featured, as it subliminally promotes the better-than-average installer, giving them the credit they truly deserve, but without being overly pushy.

One notable absentee did have a valid excuse. After years of having a pretty naff website, a whole new site was rolled out just before close-of-business at Christmas and although it’s still being tested, it is a ma-hoo-sive improvement on the previous version.

Old Town Flagstones with the new Old Quarried colour on the left.