Triacs. BT series E sensitive gate. GENERAL DESCRIPTION. QUICK REFERENCE DATA. Passivated, sensitive gate triacs in a. SYMBOL PARAMETER. BT Datasheet, BT 4A V TRIAC Datasheet, buy BT Buy BTD, 4A, V, TRIAC, Gate Trigger V 10mA, 3-pin, Through Hole, TOAB NXP BTD, Browse our latest triacs offers.

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TRIACs are used in a number of applications.

This way the Load can not only be switched but also the output coltage can be controlled by using PWM signals for fast switching. This problem can be solved by providing a resistance in series for the capacitance to discharge. Some of these electrons do not recombine and escape trriac the underlying n-region step 2.

In a typical TRIAC, the gate threshold current is generally a few milliamperes, but one has to take into account also that:. However, the structure is different from SCRs. In particular, if the pulse width of the gate current is sufficiently large generally some tens of microsecondsthe TRIAC has completed the triggering process when the gate signal is discontinued and the latching current reaches a minimum level called holding current.

What is a TRIAC – Tutorial

The fact that the TRIAC can be used to control current switching on both halves of an alternating waveform allows much better power utilisation.

The process happens in different steps here too. Because each SCR will have an entire half-cycle triacc reverse polarity voltage applied to it, ttiac of the SCRs is assured, no matter what the character of the load. However the TRIAC is not always as convenient for some high power applications where its switching is more difficult.

Littelfuse also uses vt136 name “Alternistor”. However when using a TRIAC, it is necessary to be aware of its limitations so that these can be satisfactorily addressed and overcome should they affect the operation of the overall circuit in any significant way.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Quadrant teiac operation occurs when the gate is positive and MT2 is negative with respect to MT1. Later versions are sold under the trademark “Snubberless”.

It is effectively a development of the SCR or thyristor, but unlike the thyristor which is only able to conduct in one direction, the TRIAC is a bidirectional device.

BTE TRIAC Pinout, Equivalent, Specifications & Datasheet

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The gate threshold voltage of the BT is also very less so can be driven by digital circuits. A DIAC placed in series with the gate is the normal method of achieving this.

The gate current makes an equivalent NPN transistor switch on, which in turn draws current from the base of an equivalent PNP transistor, turning it on also. Quadrants, 1 top right2 top left3 bottom left4 bottom right.

This is similar to the recovery in standard diodes: The whole process is outlined in Figure 6. Thus, the triggering scheme is the same as an SCR. See discussion ] In addition, some models of TRIACs logic level and snubberless types cannot be triggered in this quadrant but only in the other three.

Because in the TRIAC there are parasitic resistances, a high reverse current in the p-n junctions inside it can provoke a voltage drop between the gate region and the MT1 region which may bt316 the TRIAC stay turned on. A thyristor is only able to control them over one half of a bt13.

When mains voltage TRIACs are triggered by microcontrollers, optoisolators are frequently used; for example optotriacs can be used to control the gate current. The current and voltage are out of phase, so when the current decreases below the holding value, the TRIAC attempts to turn off, but because of the phase shift between current and voltage, a sudden voltage step takes place between the two main terminals, which turns the device on again.


The process uses a remote gate control and is illustrated in Figure 7. Features Maximum Terminal current: The equivalent circuit is depicted in Figure 4. So if you looking to switch of control dim, speed control an AC load which consumes less than 6A with a digital device like microcontroller or microprocessor then BT might be the right for you. The TRIAC is easy to use and provides cost advantages over the use of two thyristors for many low power applications.

TRIACs may also fail to turn on reliably with reactive loads if the current phase shift causes the main circuit current to be below the holding current at trigger time. This commutation is normally done by reducing the load current forced commutation less than the holding current. For the green vehicle, see Triac car. A careful reading of the application notes provided by the manufacturer and testing of the particular device model to design the correct network is in order.

The mechanism is illustrated in Figure 3. In particular, TRIAC always has a small current flowing directly from the gate to MT1 through the p-silicon without passing through the p-n junction between the base and the emitter of the equivalent NPN transistor. In datasheets, the latching current is indicated as I Lwhile the holding current is indicated as I H.

TRIACfrom triode for alternating currentis a generic trademark for a three terminal electronic component that conducts current in either direction when triggered. This is commonly used for controlling the speed of induction motorsdimming lamps, and controlling electric heaters.