Licensed under the Apache License, Version (the “License”). You may. Installing WebTest. Prerequisites. A platform that is able to run Java. Canoo WebTest White Paper. Testing is an important part of any serious.

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We want to rely on standard formats. Based on these experiences it was decided to broaden the usage of WebTest in CSPB, on the one hand to more applications, on the other hand to more test levels. Is the state of canoo test database rolled back? Operations Risk Can we put our application into production safely?

You may claim that all the above would be really helpful but impossible to implement under the constraints of real projects. Canoo WebTest is free of charge.

Committers’ blogs Denis N. Extend WebTest with Groovy! Canoo WebTest executes client side Webtrst just like your browser does. Syntax Reference – Extension Steps Reference pages for the extension steps. Again, the distribution contains a wwbtest example. The release includes support for maven integration, IDE-integration like for unit tests, capturing of background JavaScript errors, new steps for mouseOver and mouseOut events, better parallel execution of tests and – as usual – lots of handling improvements.

Manual Overview

The target fetchDependencies of the build script looks at the required dependencies, looks at maven’s dependency cache in the user’s home directory and downloads the dependency jar files from one of the maven repositories to the shared dependency cache. A full and pedantic validation is outside the scope of Canoo WebTest, but every validation step calls the Neko Html parser part of HtmlUnit and will warn you on improper html. This is the target used by the build server. Canoo WebTest exploits ANT ‘s ability to structure a “build” into modules that can either be called separately or as a whole.


What progress did it achieve? What if the test run breaks?

Canoo WebTest Downloads

Committers’ blogs Denis N. Your Webapp displays an html table that is filled with data from the database. Now WebTest is used for business critical functions with several thousand users. The effect is tremendous: We don’t want to learn a new language for the test automation. Tests must give a thumps up indication when successful and a detailed error indication otherwise. Note that this is very convenient for nightly builds and even for use with a continuous integration platform like CruiseControl.

Canoo WebTest Downloads This page contains links to the artefacts for the latest Canoo WebTest version, as well as for previous releases. Here the settings for protocol, host, port and webapp name are shared.

Canoo WebTest White Paper

It is however convenient during development to build webtest from the comfort of an IDE, and the third section gives a few hints on ow to set-up an IDE. The easiest solution is to take advantage of maven’s various plugins to convert webtest’s pom. You can also group tests into a testsuite that again can be part of a bigger testsuite.

Testing is an important part of any serious development effort.

Bad experience made us suspicious about the correctness of any external documentation. This opens another opportunity: They get reported by our users. Canoo WebTest helps you to reduce the defect rate of your web application. We want to make sure that their feedback does not get lost, that the defect really gets solved, that it never appears again in future releases. Committers’ blogs Denis N. The best solution is to write an automated test that exposes the bug. Do you think that the above example is so easy that you do not need an automatic test for this?


These failures must be manually processed to separate the “real” failures from the “false negatives”. Data Driven WebTest Posted: New WebTest screencast available: To generate a complete release, including the documentation, type: We would test this with a no data b one row c 5 rows d exactly 20 rows e 21 rows f 40 rows g 41 rows.

The test script is in XML, and is extremely simple to write. If your manual tests reveal that certain html constructions produce different behavior in your supported browers like empty table cells in IE and Netscapeyou can set up a test that checks against the canooo of these constructs.

This is quite a number of scenarios to be ewbtest. We have to read a lot of documentation every day. The samples that come with Canoo WebTest show how to do this.

We call this a use case or a scenario.

There is a lot more to say about unit testing. First WebTest screencast available: We don’t really like writing documentation ourselves because we know that it is only a matter of time until it is out of sync with the system and all our effort will be wasted.

Canoo WebTest Downloads

The same holds true for requirements specifications. Extend WebTest with Groovy! The example steps above make up a sequence of steps that only make sense if executed in exactly this order and within one user session.