Chris Wickham’s acclaimed history shows how this period, encompassing peoples such as Goths, Franks, Vandals, Byzantines, Arabs. Review: The Inheritance of Rome: A History of Europe from to by Chris WickhamIan Mortimer finds a gallop from Rome to the. The Inheritance of Rome has ratings and reviews. Justin said: Just to be clear: Chris Wickham does not believe that he can explain anything. He.

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This centralized basis of pay encouraged loyalty and a sense of belonging to the centralized system itself, the Empire, rather than to local interests alone. Apr 02, Gavin rated it it was amazing Shelves: In the eastern Mediterranean, in any case, Roman rule continued for centuries.

I am really enjoying this book. Intellectual developments are seen predominantly in relation to politics. It is written in a very detailed, scholarly stylealthough I don’t agree that the author was using overly complex sentence structures or words.

Please try again later. The book is broken into four parts; the breakup of the Empireearly Western Wwickhamlater Eastern Europe and later Western Europe There’s just a single chapter on “Outer Europe” that tries to somehow cnris for it, but that isn’t enough.

Wickham’s prose is only difficult if you get too worried about remembering that Sidonius Apollinaris was so-and-so’s son-in-law, lived in Clermont in the 5th century, etc. This is a fantastic book. That’s not a knock on the scholarship. Bello, esaustivo ma a volte ho faticato a seguire tutti i dettagli dei vari Paesi. Rather, many of the so-called Germanic tribes were confederations of individuals and groups from various backgrounds who spoke a variety of languages, not just Germanic ones, and who united around charismatic leaders more so than cultural symbols.


From their inception, these barbarian-ruled regions developed land rents, in which the peasantry paid the rents with food and produce which was consumed by the ruling elite. As Europe had no integrity at this period, Wickham has had to compare and contrast the political and social conditions of dozens of disparate kingdoms and states across years.

Return to Book Page. The Rus I would have liked to learn a lot more about as the Moravians. Dec 11, Steve Horton rated it it was amazing Shelves: The Dark Ages A.

On the other hand, Wickham describes a clear simplification and localization of the economies of the entire region, particularly in the centuries of the worst crises, about To Hell and Back: The intention of the author is as huge as deserving any respect. I shall have to read elsewhere about them Alaric leading the Goths through the pillaged streets of Rome; Justinian gazing for the first time on the dome of Hagia Sophia; Mohammed bringing the new message of Islam to the warriors of Arabia; Charlemagne being crowned emperor by the Pope on Christmas Day, Local experience is everything.

The Inheritance of Rome by Chris Wickham – review – Telegraph

It’s a judicious and comprehensive book. I did eome reading, though, because I didn’t think this kind of willful political obtuseness would have an effect on his accounts on medieval history, but it was enough to make me a little skeptical about some of his views on the medieval European economy. Maybe it was the time period itself or the sheer volume of information it was trying to portray.

AD Library of World Civilization.

The Ottonians tried to continue this legacy, but Europe, under attack from Vikings, Arabs, and others was less inclined to see itself as a whole towards the end of this period.

No review, in fact, can really do this book justice: On the dust jacket, a reviewer describes Wickham’s writing as “pointillist. Refresh and try again.


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The Inheritance of Rome

As a stylist, I enjoyed Wickham. Other editions – View all The Inheritance of Rome: Immensely learned, super dense, very well structured, and still incredibly readable, leaving out no details worth recounting.

Wickham does have a theme and sickham point to make, which is in the title: Explore the Home Gift Guide. Aug 08, Liviu rated it it was amazing Shelves: Thanks to my brother, Paul, who bought this excellent book for me as a Christmas present.

Let’s be very, very clear: What the book achieved was rather a chaos, leaving me largely perplexed by plenty of unfamiliar details and disappointed as whether I really learned anything directly applicable. Trivia About The Inheritance hcris And yet I did read it and enjoy it almost every day for several months and finished it.

In fact, starting in the middle tenth century, we can begin to speak of the modern nations of Europe, France, Germany, etc. Nope, we should see things as they were seen at the time. I did have one kind of WTF moment when he said that most East Germans were totally happy under the East German wuckham, and they only said differently after the fall of the Berlin Wall in order to distance themselves from the old regime.