Christine de Pizan’s Book of the City of Ladies, written over six centuries ago, is neither simple nor simplistic. As the first known history of women in Western. Who was Christine de Pizan? Christine was the first female writer to earn a living from her work. She was born in Venice in around and moved to France as. Advice and guidance for women of all ages, from Europe’s first professional woman writer Written by Europe’s first professional woman writer.

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University of Pittsburgh Press. Refresh and try again. It’s interesting in its own way, but reading it, I find it more interesting because it exists, because it was written and not least WHEN it was written, and less interesting to actually sit and read it.

A pretty intelligent move that made her pro-woman arguments difficult to refute unless misogynistic men wanted their religious piety and respect to Classical authority figures to be put into question xD.

Finally, this book is outside my normal reading range, both in terms of its age and in terms of its content. I loved it because when I put myself in that position it was truly empowering, but at the same time there were many things that were hard for my 21st century mind to understand, especially in the last part in which Justice talked about the martyrs and their glorious It has taken me a long time to finish this book, not because it wasn’t easy to read the translation is pretty good and easy to followbut because I had to constantly put myself in the position and mind of a th century woman.

The Treasure of the City of Ladies by Christine de Pizan | : Books

Do you want “Fatal Attraction” without the boiled bunny? It’s chfistine remarkable that she was able to make a living by writing.

Sackler Center for Feminist Art.

Open Preview See a Problem? Quite simply this book changed my life and is a must for any elegant feminist. They’re not just sitting around waiting for the Plague to blow over, telling each other stories.


I believe to understand where Christine is coming from stating, claiming and asking God why she was born a female and not a male due to the cause of un-equality. I also really liked the useful introduction by Rosalind Brown-Grantwith whom I agree fhristine nearly all points about Christine’s feminist stance and interpretation of her writings also read her book Christine de Pizan and the Moral Defence of Women: She gives not only herself reason, but also gives readers, and women, reason to believe that pzan are not evil or useless creatures but instead have a significant place within society.

Men needed cityy read and understand her message as well. It’s christie with some biological determinism and religious problematic sections, but overall it’s quite good in its pro-woman content. Pizan argued that women’s success depends on their ability to manage and mediate by speaking and writing effectively.

The City of Ladies is her most famous book written as a literary riposte to male writers slandering women. The Treasure of the City of Ladies: Her books of advice to princesses, princes and knights remained in print until the ppizan century.

Christine de Pizan

It is in this catalogue of virtue that the book was probably at its most effective among de Pizan’s intended christime. Retrieved 3 June Lady Justice tells Christine of female saints who were praised for their martyrdom.

May 20, Fiona marked it as to-read. Pizan herself is a character in her story which involves her talking to the three daughters of God Reason, Rectitude, and Justice. In arguing that peace and justice were possible on earth as well as in heaven, Pizan was influenced by Dante[43] who she had referenced in Le Chemin de long estude.

Christone page was last edited on 10 Decemberat De Pizan completed forty-one pieces during her thirty-year career — Poetry portal Biography portal. At the close of this part, Christine makes another address to all women announcing the completion of the City of Ladies. I owe it to their bravery and sacrifices to reclaim the word lady as a description of all women of courage, wit, good manners and charm.

They were objects and property, but here is one woman who said that was not good enough, and misogyny has no place in this world. Sep 30, Pages Buy.


Paperbackpages. That way, she defends women as whole, without doing men the injustice of condemning them as a whole. In Part II, Lady Rectitude says she will help Christine “construct the houses and buildings inside the walls of the City of Ladies” and fill it with inhabitants who are “valiant ladies of great renown”. The Book of the City of Ladies seems like an apt curricular antidote to male-centric histories.

Overall, I think she really manages to pull of a largely medieval structure in a really accessible way, which I appreciate greatly. While one might say this is to be expected, it nonetheless disappoints when she repeatedly makes statements of a woman’s worth depending on where they stand as servants for men, which are beside statements supporting a women’s separatism.

A Medieval Rhetorical and Her Rhetoric”.

There was increasing pressure to revise the Core Curriculum so it would include women and minority authors, but many argued that it was impossible to find female authors of quality before Jane Austen. Pizan deserves was the first woman in christind to reinterpret the word Lady, to mean not a woman of noble birth, but a woman of noble spirit, wit, courage and charm.

The very essence of this book is in women’s separatism, despite the caveat of still being hierarchal. Just because we don’t know about them doesn’t mean that they don’t exist.

She lived independently, and clearly had a mind of her own. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It’s actually a really brilliant idea. She was not a feminist in the modern sense of the word by any means but could not let the misogyny of Jean de Meun’s Roman de la Rose the most popular book in Europe for years be accepted without comment. Certainly that man is cyristine who seeks to rule others but does not know how to rule himself.