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This is my personal understanding. Ordenadores en el Arte ; publ. Lee invents the fantail – a small fan mounted at right angles to a windmill’s main wheel – to keep the windmill pointed into the wind.

Norbert Wiener’s formulation of cybernetics is treated as one of the significant milestones. Sometime in the early Sixties I read a book by Norbert Wiener that had a big impact on me. By burning Giordano Bruno at the stake and threatening Galileo Galilei, the Church intimidates the new field of ‘science’ into studiously avoiding attention to and mention of the world of human affairs. A Timeline for the Evolution of Cybernetics.

This webpage also provides links to other similar resources on the history of ‘ecosystem’ and ‘cybernetics’ as constructs in ecology. Other Timelines for Cybernetics and Related Fields. The control aspects of first-order cybernetics continue their relevance in engineering and technology.

Some of those problems were then becoming clear in my mind, but others still were at a subconscious level. Plato’s student Aristotle also invokes the word kybernetike to describe governance in terms of steering the community. I shall try to explain this issue later. The Pythagoreans therefore stand as the earliest known progenitors of mathematical modeling. It has revealed compositional rules I had been using in my pictures without being really conscious of them, and has allowed a great deal of systematization in my work.


The mill-hopper a device regulating the flow of grain in a based on a millstone’s rotational speed was fairly well refined and in widespread usage. Festschrift in Honor of Rafael Capurro. Problems with his mechanism led to Airy’s becoming the first person to discuss instability in close-loop systems and the first to analyze them using differential equations.

This timeline at the Dance of Change website cites the Macy Conferences and their participants in the context of learning organization history. Citing his limited English skills, he suggests the group adopt Wiener’s term ‘cybernetics’ to more concisely denote their new domain of interest.

Airy, develops a feedback device for continuously manuevering a telescope to compensate for the earth’s rotation. The Age of Spiritual Machines: Although steam engines had been built earlier, it was the addition of automatic controls that made their widespread employment feasible.

This site woener a timeline for the evolution of media- and multimedia-based art. Unfortunately, assembling a linear timeline for cybernetics is not as straightforward as is the case for other disciplines.

Cuando los textos —los de la naturaleza y los de la cultura— se conciben como mensajeslos escritores y lectores se convierten en mensajeros. Your Participation is Invited! Ross Ashby publishes Design for a Brain.


Richardson develops his ‘politicometrics’ and uses formal models to analyze government and international issues. Protagoras asserts that human beings are “the measure of all things.


Its influence can still be seen in most of the subsequent trends. Odunlade, Opeyemi and Ojo, J.

Basically, my painting is a research on the problem of space, which in my work is an element hierarchically equal to form, like a complementary form or antiform, in the same way that silence—pauses—in music, is a modulating element as important as sound, with ‘form’ being neither one or the other but the result of combinations between both of them.

Ross Ashby’s paper “Principles of the self-organizing dynamic system” introduces the term ‘self-organizing’ into cybernetics parlance. Including the very formalistic ones, for the development of art is dialectic, with the most fruitful symbiosis taking place precisely between radically opposed movements, such as, in this instance, an enthropic tendency and an organizational one.

Hutchinson formally defines the niche concept as the activity range of each species along every dimension of the environment. It is present from the level of independent modules to that of very complex compositions.

Holdings: Dios y Golem S.A.

Cybernetics is cited as a milestone in this timeline of artificial intelligence. Tha is, the more probable the message, the less information it gives. This is a timeline developed by David L. Or, rather, to a cybernetic vision of the world.

Some of these researchers e.