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The stress equations were quite similar throughout the piping codes i. A subsequent analysis showed that a temperature increase in the adjacent vessel and piping system alongwith a relocation of pipe restraints for the new operating conditions made several years ago caused the stresses to exceed the expansion allowables.

Therefore, substituting this value for the weight component ofthe stress equation: The default interpretation ofthis requirement is to calculate the sustained and occasional stresses independently as per the equation given for sustained stresses above and then to add them absolutely. To comply noges this interpretation, the user would enter 0.

The semiar best location for a support is on an elbow; however, this is not recommended due to the bend stiffening and increased local stresses associated with attachments on a bend.

Since these materials constitute the notse of the piping materials in use, and since most cyclic loading events comprise much fewer than 50, cycles, the effects of mean stress on fatigue life are negligible for piping materials with ultimate strengths belowpsi.

The engineer first must determine the standard span for the system. For a “point” expansion joint, the length is unknown, so aIl three stiffnesses must be definedfor the model.

Seminsr, examining the formulas above, it is evident that, as the shorter portion of the span b approaches zero length, the moment, and therefore the stress, approach zero as weIl. Available clearance for hanger. The first concern is to locate them near concentrated loads – supports should he located as close as possible to the two valves for example, near node points 20 and The question is what beam stress equation should be used?

COADE Pipe Stress Analysis Seminar Notes – Free Download PDF

Including hoop and radial stresses present in sustained loadings only in the stress intensity calculation makes the COADE Pipe Stress Analysis Seminar Notes calculation much more difficult. Figure The maximum moment in the beam is in the center of the span, and has a value of: Seminnar of this equation reveals that, after factoring through constants, it is simply a form of the guided cantilever stress equation: Specific requirements of other common codes are shown below as weIl.


We need your help! Therefore, pipe stress software cannot be used to accurately determine the effects ntoes piping system on rigid elements.


The importance factor is further influenced by the Structural Classification, where the options are: Available clearance for cano Input negative number for Cab available space. The rigidity, weight, and moment due to the offset is best modeled using a weightless rigid element going from the centerline of the pipe out to the center of gravity of the process monitor, at which point a small rigid element with the weight ofthe equipment should be modeled.

Instead, the most common piping codes endorse the use offlanges conforming to recognized standards such as ANSI B The line of action ofthe supports on the riser provide support to the end of the horizontal run, so no additional support is required at notex point Bending and lateral convolution spring rates can be computed from the axial spring rate.

Rigid element modeling tlange. Free AnchorslRestraints – Often a semjnar objective ofhanger design is the minimization of equipment nozzle loads due to weight. Examining a typical pipe support detail: However, it is rare that a piping system has no concentrated COADE Pipe Stress Analysis Seminar Notes loads, consists of only horizontal runs with minimal changes in direction, etc.

COADE Pipe Stress Analysis Seminar Notes

It is often highly conservative to apply twice the calculated force as a static load, but this is still often done. The theoretically best location for a support is directly on the concentrated load; however, this is usually impractical. In order to save even the brief time required to calculate LaU, the Manufacturer Standardization Society of the Valve and Fitting Industry has calculated allowable piping spans for various piping configurations, and published them in their standard MSS SP Figure How accurate is this simplified expansion stress check?


Once the springs are designed for their respective thermal cases they are inserted into the piping system and the various operating conditions run to check for stress or equipment overloads. Sifs, interpretations,Coade seminar notes and confussion. However you as a Superpiper may have more applicable data available on the collapsing phenomena of certain fitting geometries, and if you can justify the use of a value other than 0.

Earthquake static load cases are set up and determined exactly as they are for wind occasional loads, i. Interpretation would seem to contradict the reply given in interpretation with respect to these sustained loads, stating that a sif factor of 0. In certain cases, such as with reducers, which have a variable cross-section, this is not a valid representation.

It is an engineering decision. Not only are the causes and the failure modes ofthese two loading types quite different, but not surprisingly, the solutions to these two types ofloading are usually different as weIl. Please help us to share our service with your friends.

At any support location where the vertical displacement calculated during the operating load case for hanger travel is less than the specified Rigid Support Displacement Criteria, a rigid rod will be selected and used in subsequent load cases.

This is also in reality, a difficult problem to design for. Several examples should help illustrate: Note that in the event that the opening time is not known, a conservative value of 2. Corrosion of a pipe results in an irregular cross-section which is usually modeled by using the uncorroded cross-section for load generation weight and thermal forcesand the fully corroded cross- seminag for calculation ofthe section modul us COADE Pipe Stress Analysis Seminar Notes stress calculation.

Size px x x x x There are a number ofreasons for performing stress analysis on a piping system. Typically, node points are located as required in order to: