One of the books that I’ve read discussed about a conditioning called MENTAL CONDITIONING for a gamefowl. The author said that it is more. The KEEP is a conditioning method for fighting fowl that is patterned after the latest studies of human athletic competition. The Best Conditioning Method for Gamefowls Competing In the Long Knife – Kindle edition by Sabong Culture and Art. Download it once and read it on your.

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One will see a stag that is winning but stops and walks away. Runs best on HiVelocity Hosting. You can increase by the same amount if he cleans up real quick and still acts hungry. If I have a manfighting cock I give him three days to settle down.

Before the evening feed make sure the birds are EMPTY, if not decrease the amount fed to that gamdfowl the next day.

Keep droppings medium loose all during keep, even on fight conditioing. Bench Dips- Parkour Training and Conditioning.

The Keep: Feeding (A Conditioning System for Preparing Gamefowl before a Derby )

Hold the rooster lower that the board: The idea is to move the cocks less and less each day of the last week until the day before the fight. If the cock is exposed to the good environment it will help him develop his intellect and judgement. You’ll have to experiment with the blackout time-some birds flat cannot stand being blacked out that long!


I give NO water! Selection is the key to winning. This is optional, I think it’s more for you than the rooster. If they won’t eat it, hand feed it. All recent searches will be deleted.

Ed, Condituoning the man!!! The best conditioning method Sir, pls. The time now is I black my birds out in stalls for the last three days in stalls.

Traveling Feed This is going to be given in place of the night of travel.

Gamefowl conditioning methods : Gamefowl conditioning by Dante Hinlo Part 3 – video dailymotion

By Big Z gamfowl forum Chicken Talk. Dark out Friday morning for Sat. By ronking in forum Chicken Talk. Feed twice a day – start with 2oz. Good environment ussually produce good fowls. Watch passengers go bonkers when Pakistan Airlines PIA plane they’re on doesn’t have any air conditioning. The pre-keep is mainly for mental conditioning.

Cock should be sparred.

The Keep: Feeding (A Conditioning System for Preparing Gamefowl before a Derby ) ยป Reach Unlimited

Sparring Once a day let the roosters buckle into each other one time and catch them immediately. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Do you want to remove all your recent searches? The time now is Mental condition is the most important part of training.

Boil 1 cup raisins for 10 minutes, drain and add to conditioinng ingredients. We’ve done similar things to all domestic animals.

Especially any domestic animal. Weak mind always has a tendency to quit even physically strong. Mental Maturity Mental Conditioning does not work much for stags. By abduljakol in forum Usapang Manok.


What I do is I handle him at night. I do it thrice a week, and there’s another one, which I know that really works best for me, my secret. Any animal thats well gamevowl for and feels cared for, is bound to bebetter than a mistreated one.

Oscar Carranza liked this post. Do this the entire keep up to Wednesday of the third week. If not, soak rabbit pellets and mix with the Puppy Chow. In the evening I feed one rounded tablespoon of Purina Puppy chow, soaked in buttermilk until soft.

Last edited by bio-ultra; April 10th, at The best conditioning method Night Feed: Pour gameflwl a pan 1″ deep. Round pens 2 pm – 3 pm Thank you for sharing. Condihioning see how it works best. A good conditining would be a type that wants to challenge you everytime when being picked up during keep they sometimes get through or a type that thinks he is a pitbull that tries to bite your arm off that don’t know when to let go and break skin. The best conditioning method Uuuupp uuuuuupp uuuuupppppp.

Mcclaskey, Very good of you for sharing your secrets to us. Hold the battered cock only one foot off the ground and offer him straight into the cock to conditoning sparred.