I’ve decided to write this guide as a means to help newer players develop their skills in the world of Culdcept Saga. I hope this guide assists. Have you written a guide for an aspect of the game that’s not covered here? Tell us about it and 13, Culdcept Saga Card Spreadsheet, Written by IVIad IVIaxx. I won’t tell you that this guide is the be-all, end-all of deck building – because Weaknesses: One of the main strengths of Culdcept Saga is the.

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You can place creatures on these and collect tolls when your opponent ssaga on the tile in question. Pretty expensive to take over a land. This can provide a somewhat harder to obtain balance.

Culdcept Central – The world’s largest Culdcept fan site!

It’s hard to describe a weakness for this approach. There will be occasions where an opponent doesn’t have the land requirements they need to get rolling.

In the mean-time their opponent is grabbing everything in sight and your chances of a come back are getting slimmer and slimmer. Unfortunately, if you end up facing saag deck designed to destroy or neutralize only your color, there could be problems. They also occur in that order. I suggested in the paragraphs above that different map sizes suit different styles culecept decks. When adding powerhouse cards sometimes 1 Hardrock Dragon goes much farther than 4.


For those who like nicer words, Curses are often referred to as Enchants. Weapon looks like a sword.

Culdcept Central – Culdcept Saga – Enchantment Guide

Similar to weapons, armor will add special abilities during battle. They attain this goal by walking into the temple and cashing in. Sometimes armor will add to a creature’s ST as well. Get money any way possible! Each player has to reach each tower on the map. He combines well with Pressure to drop the price of blue symbols early allowing you to make this guy a beast right out of the gate.

A word on maps before we continue: Who cares if he goes away?

Now that I’ve given you a few tips on how to play a symbol deck. Culdcept Central – The world’s largest Culdcept fan site! Author Andyman 26 Oct This is always on top of the average g you are getting each bonus to begin with. Blue is considered the most defensive and least offensive color. Effect ends when user reaches the castle.

Culdcept Central – Culdcept Saga – Symbols Guide

When you get new cards, take the time to think about how they can be used to the maximum benefit. Please help support our site costs by donating via the PayPal button above. This is the cost of the creature. You can also “Chain” lands of the same element together. It’s like Drain Magic to symbols, but in a more permanent way. Set him up next to a row of lands and watch the cludcept go to work.


That’s a whole lot to a person’s pocketbook! Sanctum Guard will not gain any symbols when fighting on a multi-colored or neutral territory.

E Can you afford to invade? Balance in a deck is a great thing. Several ideal symbol mamual have multiple paths to the castle.

Part of this is luck, the other part of this is a balanced deck. Dig 6 cards into their deck and neutralize the greatest threat. In battle, all creatures gain Regenerates ability. The payback will be tremendous and you can mount a come back or reinvest the excess gold cldcept other more key locations.

Manuaal will keep you from selling off big lands or killing the chained territories you’re depending on to win the game.

Any further questions or advice you’d like, I’m happy to provide. No deck aaga flawless and everything has a counter. Poison Mind is a must!

This style is very good for Free For All matches because it allows you to adapt to the scene as it unfolds in any number of ways.