The cut up method of Brion Gysin [William S Burroughs] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Cut-Up Method of Brion Gysin. Critical Writing. Author: William S. Burroughs. Publication Type: Article in an online journal · Article or chapter in a book. As an experimental technique, the cut-up method as applied by Cut to: English artist Brion Gysin in his room at the notorious Beat Hotel in.

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And used by the moving and still camera.

William S. Burroughs Cut-up Technique

If your strategy is at some point determined. The cut-up method could be used to advantage in processing scientific data. The great skies are open. Cut gambling scene in with a thousand gambling scenes all times and places. Cut-ups are for everyone.

Inspired by Burroughs’ and Gysin’s technique of gyzin up text and rearranging it in random order, Balch had an editor cut his footage for the documentary into little pieces and impose no control over its reassembly. The concept can be traced to at cu the Dadaists of the s, but was popularized in the late s and early s by writer William S.

The gysinn could add new dimension to films. Throughout the s Burroughs and Gysin collaborated on cutup experiments in many media, the most significant collaborations being three films done in with English film maker Antony Balch Towers Open Fire, Cut-Ups, and Bill and Tony and The Third Mind, a brino first completed in but not published in English until You can not will spontaneity. The final version of The Third Mind is both a historical collection gyson cutup experiments from to and a manifesto that sums up the cutup’s significance for Burroughs and Gysin.

And photographers will tell you that often their best shots are accidents. Cut streets of the world. Retrieved 9 April Inpoets Howard W.


Cut-Up Spoken Word, https: InBurroughs and Gysin published The Third Minda collection of cut-up writings and essays on the form. And his “systematic derangement of the senses.

The cutup is merhod mechanical method of juxtaposition in which Burroughs literally cuts up passages of prose by himself and other writers and then pastes them back together at random. This was part of an abandoned project called Guerrilla Conditions meant as a documentary on Burroughs and filmed throughout — It did not gyein to them to push the two objects off the table and see how they fall.

There is no reason to accept a second-rate product when you can have the best. The book Minutes to Go resulted from his initial cut-up experiment: Not bion to talk and argue about. This page was last edited on 28 Novemberat Cutting Rimbaud and you are assured of good poetry at least if not personal appearance. When Gysin began experimenting with cutups in his own work, Burroughs immediately saw the similarity to the juxtaposition technique he had used in Naked Lunch and began extensive experiments with text, often with the collaboration of other writers.

Shakespeare Rimbaud live in their words. Thus Burroughs’s cutup texts are comparable to similar contemporary experiments in other arts, such as action painting, happenings, and aleatory music. And you have a new page.

Cutting and rearranging a page of written words introduces a new dimension into writing enabling the writer to turn images in cinematic variation. Dr Neumann in his Theory of Games and Economic behavior introduces the cut-up method of random action into game and military strategy: At a surrealist rally in the s Tristan Tzara the man from nowhere proposed to create a poem on the spot by pulling words out of a hat.

The cut-up method could be used to advantage in processing scientific data. As many poems as you like. The method is simple. Not something to talk and argue about.


You have four sections: Kathy Ackera literary and intermedia artist, sampled external sources and reconfigured them into the creation of shifting versions of her own constructed identity. The “neo-verse drama” titled Booby, Mama!

Here is one way to do it. Here is a Rimbaud poem cut up.

What is the Cut-Up Method? – BBC News

Cut- ups often come through as code messages with special meaning for the briln. Cut streets of the world. Perhaps indicative of Thom Yorke’s influences, [14] instructions for “How to make a Methov poem” appeared on Radiohead’s website at this time. In fact all street shots from movie or still cameras are by the unpredictable factors of passersby and juxtaposition cut-ups. In fact all street shots from movie or still cameras are by the unpredictable factors of passers by and juxtaposition ct.

And used by the moving and still camera. The pair later applied the technique to printed media and audio recordings in an effort to decode the material’s implicit content, hypothesizing that such a technique could be used to discover the true meaning of a given text.

Many audience members claimed the film made them ill, others demanded their money back, while some just stumbled out of the cinema ranting “it’s disgusting”.

Take any briob or writer you fancy. Burroughs also suggested cut-ups may be effective as a form of divination saying, “When you cut into the present the future leaks out. In an interview, Alan Burns noted that for Europe After The Rain and subsequent novels he used a version of cut-ups: