Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. The fast-paced third installment of Bast’s Dark Dark Enchantment (A Dark Magick Novel Book 3) by [Bast, Anya]. Dark Enchantment By Anya Bast – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period. The fast-paced third installment of Bast’s Dark Magick series (after ‘s Cruel Enchantment) is a sexy thrill ride flawed only by its.

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Lots of things happens, and then bam. Anyone Kieran falls in love with will die horribly. Watching the two of them pit their will against each other is very funny at times. Although they work against each other, Nail and Elizabeth have a strong attraction to each other and when the impossible happens and Niall is able to capture her, their growing attraction muddles clear cut lines of loyalty.

Jan 23, Jeanne rated it really liked enchanrment Shelves: The heroine’s ancestors hold the answers to an artifact that’s needed to set the fae free and though the hero is heavy hearted with guilt about kidnapping aanya woman, he’s willing to do it for his people.

I swear I thought of never reading again while trying to get through this book. Apr 05, Pages Buy. The majority of the book focused on Niall Quinn chasing Elizabeth down and engaging in “pretend” torture.

Dark Enchantment

No derogatory or bashing gast as those will be deleted. I usually love this author’s work, but this latest was okay. I was somewhat disappointed in this one. Though she doesn’t shared his hatred for them, she certainly isn’t thrilled to be around them. Piefferburg is the absolute last place on earth as Summary: The other reason is because it has the legend that the book can bring down the shields surrounding Piefferburg and let the fae finally be free once again in the world.

It’s a good story but for me the two MC’s were the weakest in terms of chemistry. View all 6 comments.

After high school she moved to the southeast United States where she attended college. I get he was probably like that do to the curse on him. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Originally wasn’t sure about this one because of the compulsion Charlotte was under. After high school she enhcantment to the southeast United States where she attended college. Obviously, they want to destroy those walls and the magick, they want to be free and not kept in Piefferburg.


I thought Charlotte a strong, capable character and a good match for Kieran. A native of one of the colder states, she loves to ice skate and watch hockey. Dark Enchantment is a gripping story involving passion, suspense and murder with a plot that wouldn’t let me put it down. We’ll publish them on our site once we’ve reviewed them. Set up a giveaway. Dec 31, Rachel- Goodbye Borders rated it really liked it Shelves: Moreover, Elizabeth is the only heroine in the series that did not appeal to me.

That happens when Unseelie Fae, Kieran, uses his magic to try to save his people. Actually had a ending, woot! Charlotte has an bias fear of the Fae and being forced into dealing with them is one of her nightmares come true. The world building is a perfect blending of seductive romance, non stop action, realistic main characters, secondary characters, and intriguing betrayal. I enjoyed abya story, but some pats stated to lag and I did a bit of skipping when cark yawning started. Some of his prejudices have rubbed off on her but not completely.

Any woman brave enough to punch an Unseelie in the face has balls. In a race between Charlotte and the Phaendir Archdirector to get that last piece, comes more revelations between her and Kieran. This is the last book in the series and did it disappoint? I was shocked that the view spoiler [Summer Queen survived hide spoiler ]. Seduced in hast dream by a handsome, rugged man, Charlotte Bennett decides to let pleasure and desire lead the way-only to discover her “safe night of passion has dangerous repercussions.

Of course I knew from the get go that Kieran and Charlotte were going to fall in love because, ya know, he was cursed to not know it and this was a romance so it was logical that it would happen anyway. Once in possession of enchantemnt pieces, the fae will gain their freedom by bringing down the walls of Piefferburg.


Charlotte broke my heart, I cried with her and my heart broke with her.

Dark Enchantment by Anya Bast | : Books

It is to me a fascinating anay on the traditional myth one which incorporates modern society and its obsession with reality TV. Charlotte learns that most fae are no more scary and dangerous than the human race. Charlotte was raised by her father to hate all fae. Third book, enchaantment about another part of the artifact to release the barrier of their imprisonment, this is partly about a women, could the key for another piece.

Charlotte carries the secret of the location of an ancient artifact that can break the wards that imprison the fae and Kieran will risk anything to get it. Although she fears him she refuses to be intimidated.

So I settled in and was ready to go on a fantastic journey and then it just all kind of fell flat for me She is hiding the last two pieces of the key to the Book of Bindings which is rumoured to be able to free the Fae from their imprisonment. I wish more time was spend on Niall though, I felt a lot about his character was never explored enough so I had a hard time picturing him in my mind.

One this did disappoint me, and that was simply that it was the last in the series, I even tweeted Anya Hello everyone, sorry for my extended hiatus, things round here got a tad busy and well, life threw me over its shoulder and scampered off into the jungle! Niall is a mage, a powerful one, whose task will turn difficult with each p Midnight Enchantment being the last installment will practically blow you away.

Elizabeth is a rare asrai fae who can dissolve into water.