Dvd home theatre system, Dav-dzw • Read online or download PDF • Sony DAV-DZW User Manual. DAV-DZW – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: User manual for the device Sony DAV-DZW. Online user manual database.

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A title is composed of several chapters.

Sony DAV-DZ830W Home Theater System User Manual

Returning to the Default Settings You can return the system parameters, such as preset stations, to the default settings. To avoid short-circuiting the speakers Short-circuiting of the speakers may damage the system. Basic Operations 5 Load a disc.

Selecting the Movie orMusic ModeYou can choose a suitable sound mode formovies or music. The image sweeps in from topto bottom.

Returning mwnual the DefaultSettingsYou can return the system parameters, such aspreset stations, to the default settings. In thiscase, return the setting to interlace format thedefault setting page Refer to the operating instructionssupplied with your TV. The default distance setting for nanual speakers inrelation to the listening position is shown below. Register your product Get access to all information, keep your product up to date and enjoy great deals. Page 21 After connecting the speakers, AC adaptor, IRtransmitter, and the AC power cords mainsleads majual, adjust the wireless system for goodtransmission.

The surround speaker L has the IR receiver. Insert the disc with the playback side facing down. Additional Information If you have any questions or problems concerning your system, please consult your nearest Sony dealer.


Sony DAV-DZW user manual – – Solve your problem

Useful for watching movies at low volume late at night. Changing the Brightnessof the Front Panel DisplayThe brightness of the front panel display can beset to either of 2 levels. To use the remote, point it at the remote sensor on the unit. To listen to the portable audio source sound through the system Connect the audio output jacks of the portable audio The subtitle cannot be turned off.

Loosen but do not remove the mannual, adjust the height of the speaker, then secure the screws. For other component connection, see page The following display appears. Adjust the speaker of one side, then adjust another speaker by checking lines as a guide.

Page 27 Installing the IR transmitteron a wallHang the IR transmitter via the holes on thebottom of the stand on the screws.

Remote control | Sony DAV-DZW User Manual | Page / | Original mode

Connecting The Speakers 1 Connecting the Speakers Required cords The connector and color tube of the speaker cords are the same color as the label of the jacks to be connected. The default setting is underlined.

To play the next or previous MP3audio trackPress. For other TV connections, seepage For details, see page Connect the calibration mic to the Dxv-dz830w. Page 50 About audio signalsAudio signals recorded in a disc contain thesound elements channels shown below. Press repeatedly to turn on or change the Control Menu display as dav-dz830d Scanning stops when the system tunes in astation. As titles and tracks are assigned unique numbers on the disc, you can select the desired one by entering its number.


When you set the distance using the Quick Setup page 22the settings is automaticallydisplayed.

Insert the disc with the playback side facing down. Page Dav-dz830d playing title number1 Currently playing chapter number2 Total number of titles1 Total number of chapters2 Control Menu items12 27 18 34 T1: Page 11 2Attach the post cover to the other end of the post. When an album isbeing played, its title is shaded.

The order of the displayed items may be different dab-dz830w the actual display. Table of Contents Welcome! To change or cancel a programThe cursor moves to the track row [T] inthis case, [01].

Page 13 Attach the post to the base. Turn off the system, and then turn on the system again to operate.

Sony DAV-DZ830W Operating Instructions Manual

The following display appears. Thread the speaker cord that should be connected to the dav-dz830e speaker R and the speaker system cord of the AC adaptor into the end of the post that has 2 holes. Speaker cord,HolePost coverUpper part of thepostScrew small, black 3Lay the post in the slot of the speaker, slide the post to the end of the slot, then securethe post with the mounting plate and screws.