View and Download Motorola Symbol DS product reference manual online. Motorola Symbol DS Digital Imager Scanner. Symbol DS Barcode. User manual for the device Motorola SYMBOL DS Online user manual database. Please note- this programming guide is only intended for use with the RetailOps application. Please contact the manufacturer for standard.

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Optimizes scanning of symbols printed on low contrast or opaque surfaces. Thereis an inverse relationship between security and digital imager scanner aggressiveness, so choose only that level ofsecurity necessary for any given application.

Symbol Native Api snapi Status Handshaking If 4 long low beeps are heard, atransmission error occurred. The levels of image enhancement are: Patent and Trademark Office. Enter text from picture: RS Interface 8 – 17Intercharacter DelayThis parameter specifies the intercharacter delay inserted between character transmissions.

Motorola SYMBOL DS : Scanner User Manual

Transmit Code 11 Check Digits Scan End of Message bar code on page Transmit Uk Postal Check Digit DS Quick Start Guide. Imaging Preferences Introduction The following actions work for all send commands that follow it within a rule.

An interface by means of which one software component communicates with or controls another. The DSDP version uses a donut-shaped pattern with a center aiming dot. Select one lengthper rule only.

Programming Reference Symbol Code Manhal Numeric Bar Codes Table entries that do not have a bold entry remain thesame whether or not you enable this parameter. A solid state device which produces visible laser light.


Motorola SYMBOL DS6707 Manuals

Decode processing continues until the bar code is decoded, the trigger is released, mxnual the Decode Session Timeout is reached. The Symbol DS has reached end of life. For more detailed instructions, see our carriage return blog post! Advanced Data Formatting 11 – 27 Actions Select how to format the data for transmission.

This chapter describes imaging preference features and provides programming bar codes for selecting these features. A dirty window can affect scanning accuracy. Select increasing levels of security for decreasing levels of bar code quality. And don’t worry about dd6707 hands; the DS barcode scanner survives multiple 6 foot drops to concrete.

Scan the appropriate barcode below to transmit the bar code data with or without the UPC-E check digit.

Advanced data capture and text enhancement technology ensures readability of very small print in scanned document images, making the DS an optimal choice for industries utilizing electronic filing systems such as heathcare and government kanual.

Symbologies 10 – 57Matrix 2 of 5 RedundancyParameter F1h 6DhTo enable or disable Matrix 2 of 5 redundancy, scan the appropriate bar code below.

Motorola Symbol DS6707 Product Reference Manual

Set lengths for Code amnual any length, one or two discrete lengths, or lengths within a specificrange. This feature uses a combination ofedge sharpening and contrast enhancement to produce an image that is visually pleasing. An implied license exists only for equipment, circuits, and subsystems contained in Motorola products.


Message Containing A Specific Data String Advanced Data Formatting 11 – 23 Message Containing A Specific Data String Use this feature to select whether the formatting affects data that begins with a specific character or data string, or contains a specific character or data string.

The limited and expanded versions have stacked variants. The parity value of receivedcharacters is verified against the parity parameter selected above.

White and black are ds67077 as decimal and 0, respectively. Enable this tosend the keys in bold in place of the standard key mapping. Scan Rule Belongs to Set 2. Page 8 – 10 Symbol DS Digital Imager Scanner Product Reference Guide Stop Bit Select The stop bit s at the end of each transmitted character msnual the end of transmission of one character and prepares the receiving device for the next character in the serial data stream.

To set the delay period options are 2, 5, 7. This parameter sets the time the digital imager scanner remains active after decoding. Ascii Character Set For Rs Set the number of stop bits tomatch host device requirements. A Declaration of Conformity may be obtained from http: Don’t see a manual you are looking for? Other types of ISBT codes are not concatenated.