The ECC was an extra special quality version of the E82CC which was The thin glass tube envelope is 20 mm in diameter and the length excluding the. Buy ECC / vacuum tubes online, in stock and ready to ship! Find reviews, data sheets and specs to upgrade your tube amplifier. Find great deals for Philips ECC- Vintage Tube. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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In such applications the ECC works nicely without hum and noise. Each one of the tubes is tested to ensure that e18c2c filament shows no sign of leakage.

Perhaps you had the feeling before. Yet, such tubes with a relatively low price, that’s a tube with the best potential, provided it is a potential Audio tube. Try one and see what you think.

6N6P = ECC99 = E182CC tube. Double triode

This item doesn’t belong on this page. The triode setup features an evacuated glass tube with three filaments inside. People are either sitting on it, or selling it. Data sheet Amperex Some Quotes: I think most NOS supplies have now been discovered.

Of course nobody seriously would test a few hundred tubes, and try to put back the good tubes into the computer to save money. You may also like.

Such a situation can cause a sharp rise of the price, when demand was very low.


The “but” is simply a tube like this is not suited for low microphonics, low noise, low hum, and low anything applications. This third electrode provides the ability to feed a much larger amount of electricity to the plate.

What is a computer tube? As Triodes have a low output impedance, a typical driver tube like 6SN7 would be a candidate, but it’s saturation voltage is not so low as with ECC.

Mullard E182CC- Vintage Tube

If those reach the end of computer lifetime, that means you needed to replace all tubes in the whole computer, and actually most would be fine still. Driver for Step Up interface transformers. This is because the spirally constructed filaments in each tube are virtually free from interference, such as humming or static. As circuits e182c digital anyway, high gain is not so incredible important.

This pair of ECC triodes has an amplification factor of These have high input capacitance Example here. Andrea Cuffioli Bothers and sisters: Well it is nothing but a tube that can switch a low impedance load fast. About this product Product Information Manufactured from the s to the s, the Philips ECC vacuum tubes provide the power to restore sound to radios, amplifiers, and tubbe communication devices.

The result of tubbe is more amplification of sound. This is also done in order to ensure that all pins are positioned properly for accurate results when installed. The above can nicely be achieved with a double triode. So supplies be less, and demand can go up. The spiral filament design of the tube also helps to facilitate the delivery of consistent sounds. When they were first released, these tubes were used to operate mainframe computer systems for the military.


The tube is able to deliver a single voice just as well as a vocal harmony or an entire orchestra. If you do that, it becomes a wonderful tube, and the audio community has just started to discover this!

Mullard ECC- Vintage Tube | eBay

e1822cc These tubes e182cx triode technology. Show More Show Less. Today, you can use these tubes to rebuild or tune up your vintage radio or amplifier. More items related to this product. You can also use them in some vintage, console-style television sets.

Their nine pin connections measure about 6 millimeters long from the bottom of the glass tube. The audio double triode tube produces both low and high sound waves for clear listening capabilities. They were produced as an aftermarket replacement for the and the CV tubes. If one of t hose would fail, the whole computer would perhaps fail, and you had to re-tube everything again.