Edenbrooke: A Proper Romance, by Julianne Donaldson – A Review In the instance of Edenbrooke, a debut novel by Juliann Donaldson. “Inspirational publisher Shadow Mountain launches the G-rated Proper Romance line (romance at its ‘very best’ and at its ‘cleanest,’ the introduction promises). Labeled “A Proper Romance,” “Edenbrooke” is the first of a new brand of romance novel by publisher Shadow Mountain, an imprint of Deseret.

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Ahhh, this book was pure bliss as I could imagine being there at Edenbrooke and experiencing it all myself. View all romancf comments. That same great talent! If ever a hero deserved the word, it is him!

Edenbrooke: A Proper Romance, by Julianne Donaldson – A Review | Austenprose – A Jane Austen Blog

That said based on the Goodreads reviews LOTS of people loved this book and I adore Georgette Heyer and her Regency romances and was excited that I might find a new favorite author in edenbrokke book. He’s the perfect hero, and I look forward to reading Heir to Edenbrooke. And then there is The.

This is where the story turns sad. The actions of the characters are BIZARRE, as they switch emotions suddenly, as if all the characters edebbrooke multiple personality syndrome. What was once exciting for readers is getting a little old, and a lot of readers are ready for something different.

Ladies in this era, young or old, did not travel without gomance male escort and we sensed trouble with every jolt of the carriage. It kept me on tender-hooks which is always the best way in a story.


Marianne is independent and a bit sassy, fun-loving and intelligent. At first it was only possessions we fought propeg. Boy and girl proceed to have witty banter for two hundred pages. She created a storyline that eventually became engaging, a hero that was worthy of swooning and created it in a clean environment, though sometimes melodramatically. Editorial Reviews Review A heart-pounding love story.

All the hopeless romantics of this world! I love to discover new authors to gush about. As Marianne apparently always gives in if her slightly older sister calls dibs on something, this means she has to give up on Philip.

Book review: ‘Edenbrooke’ is a delightful, clean Regency love story

Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. It is never explained. Furthermore, in the very first chapter, we see a nice if not particularly prepossessing individual come to see Marianne, having dedicated a poem to her blue eyes.


From a terrifying run-in with a highwayman to a seemingly harmless flirtation, Marianne finds herself embroiled in an unexpected adventure filled with enough romance and intrigue to keep her mind racing.

No matter how much Cecily held and caressed the doll and talked about how pretty it was, I remained stoically insistent that I did not want to touch it. Her grandmother decides to name her as the heir to a small fortune and at the same time Marianne is invited by her twin sister to Edenbrooke for the summer. edenbrookw



Please try again later. Not Enabled Screen Reader: The most refreshing and deliciously clean romance novel I have read in a while.

A must read for any romantic. I do not any authors who are at the level of Georgette Heyer.

Edenbrooke (Edenbrooke, #1) by Julianne Donaldson

It was hard to put down! Marianne is a sweet girl who is hurting from losing her mother and being separated from her twin sister and father. Or she might have just read a blurb about Pride and Prejudice.

Donaldson created such a wonderful ednbrooke to escape into with excellent character development and storyline. Because in the end, I decided that this book was supposed to be enjoyed for the romance, and edembrooke for fun, just like any other fairy-tale that has a few aspects that seem impossible or don’t make perfect sense. Edenbrooke tells an exciting regency story while giving insights into the main character.

Highly recommend this book one you will want on your shelf and your Kindle! I loved that she made me laugh and cry all at the same time!! Julianne Donaldson is a fabulous author and storyteller!!!