Written in the first part of the fifth century, this work is a charming record of the observations of a Christian woman on a lengthy pilgrimage to the Holy Lands. This new version of the late fourth-century diary of journeys in and around the Holy Land known as the Itinerarium Egeriae provides a more. About Egeria. Egeria, one of the earliest documented Christian pilgrims, visited the most important destinations of pilgrimage in the eastern Mediterranean.

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The church vessels too, of every kind, gold and jewelled, are brought out on that day, and indeed, who could either reckon or describe the number and weight 1 The Bodleian Codex of the Old Arm. She speaks also of the fast after Pentecost p. If anything furtiier remains to tell and her life is spared, she will relate it in person or in another letter.

Egeria: Diary of a Pilgrimage by Egeria

The eight-day Dedication festival of the Ana- stasis and the Martyrium was held in September, in close connexion with the Discovery of the Cross and its Exaltation at the same time of the year and on the analogy of the Dedication of Solomon’s Temple egreia the autumn Feast of Tabernacles.

Applause as well as other signs of emotion were often called forth by the reader or speaker p. When we had come to the church, prayer was made, the passage from Genesis was read, one psalm was said, and after a second prayer the bishop blessed us and we came out. Wilson, appeared under the auspices of the Palestine Pilgrims Text Society.

Elpidius at Haran on p. Then, after prayer has been made, and when all have been blessed, they go thence with hymns to the Lazarium. Thus, then, is the feast celebrated with all this joyfulness and festal array throughout the eight days in all the holy places which I have mentioned q.

Antony, whose monks were mostly solitary hermits in the strict sense, though in some places they lived near one another in small companies and met together for common worship on Saturdays and Sundays: We can hardly be said to ” know ” this, but only that this is more likely that they were, other things being con- sidered, than that they were those whom the Emperor Anastasius, favouring the Monophysites, drove out in the early years of the sixth century as Meister main- tains.

John had baptized in JEnon near to Salim, I asked him how far off that place was. When I had arrived in the Name of God, prayer was made at the memorial, and the whole of the acts of saint Thecla having been read, I gave endless thanks to Christ our God, who deigned to fulfil my desires in all things, unworthy and unde- serving as 1 am.


And when she had seen me, how can I describe the extent of her joy or of mine? Thomas thither, after that He Himself had ascended into Heaven.

On the top of the little hill, which is situated in the midst of the village, the building that you see is a church, which is now called in the Greek language opu Melchisedech. When we had come to the well, prayer was made by the bishop, the passage from Genesis was read, one psalm suitable to the place was said and, after a second prayer, the bishop blessed us. Now, however, as the public road which passed by the city of Arabia and leads from the Thebaid to Pelusium ran through Egypt, there was no need to trouble the soldiers further.

But on the seventh day, 1 that is on the Lord’s Day, the whole multitude assembles before cockcrow, in as great numbers pilgrrimage the place can hold, as at Easter, in the basilica which is near the Anastasis, but outside the doors, where lights are hanging for the purpose. I wished, however, at God’s bidding, to go to Mesopotamia in Syria, to visit the holy monks who were there in great number, and who were said to be of such holy life as could hardly be described, and also for the sake of prayer at the memorial of S.

His tomb, indeed, where he was laid, is [not 2 ] shown to this day; for as it was shown to us by egwria ancestors who dwelt here where [he was laid], so do we show it to you, and our ancestors said that this tradition was handed down to them by their own ancestors. The old Cathedral Church on Mount Sion, which in her day was no longer regularly used for service. See note 4 on p.

Jerome ad Evang, 27, and Onom. The introduction and commentary are thorough and up-to-date. Sophia in the Praetorium.

Egeria (pilgrim) – Wikipedia

Now as soon as the first cock has crowed, the bishop arrives and enters the cave at the Anastasis ; all the doors are opened and the whole multitude enters the Anastasis, where countless lights are already burning. More- over the holy man told us that from the day on which Ananias the courier entered it with the letter of the Lord, the gate is kept eheria this day, that no one who is unclean, nor any mourner, should pass through siary should any dead body be borne out through it.

Her story, which is closely connected with that of S. But to return to the matter in hand: In that place there pilgrimge a little church under a mountain, not Nebo, but 1 Deut. She has, however, made a slip in calling him ” king of Nations ” instead of king of Elam: When she gets to Jerusalem she starts describing liturgies.


Thus, going from that spot where we had prayed when we arrived from Faran, 4 our route was to cross the middle of the head of that valley, and so turn to the mount of God. She does not apply this word “confessor” to any other of the bishops, although she has several times noted that they were or had been monks formerly, while the still w old priest whom she saw on Mount Sinai had been ” both a monk from an early age and, as they say here, an ascete.

Open Preview See a Problem? McClure published in On the third weekday ciary everything is done as on the second, with this one thing added that late at night, after the dismissal of the martyrium, and after piilgrimage going to the Anastasis and after the dis- missal there, all proceed at that hour by night to the egerix, which is on the mount Eleona.

From Clysma, that is from the 1 Num.

The Pilgrimage of Egeria

Most of the footnotes were added to the text by Mrs. Inhowever, a detailed and determined attack upon his views was made by Karl Meister in the Rheinisches Museum, so far as the date and nationality of the pilgrim are concerned ; but his pilgrjmage were in Monseigneur Duchesne’s opinion 1 successfully met and answered by the Abbe Deconinck Revue Biblique, and others.

The cost of this expedition from West to East and back again, which occupied several years, 2 must have been great, however abun- dant the hospitality was which she met with.

John at Ephesus on p. And after the dismissal with the same the vigil, and with three gubalays of psalms. The greatest part of Palestine, the land of promise, was in sight, together with the whole land of Jordan, as far as it could be seen with our eyes. This is certainly very wonderful, and not, I think, pilgrimave the favour of God, that while the central height, which is specially called Sinai, on which the Glory of the Lord descended, is higher than all the rest, yet it cannot be seen until you reach its very foot, though before you go up it.

I luoghi sono vividi lf parole della pellegrina ma non possiedono consistenza reale senza questo sostrato. The egerix or editor of over thirty books and more than articles and essays, he is also a past president of both the North American Academy of Liturgy and the international Societas Liturgica.