Nov 23, Irina Holdevici Irina Holdevici – Cursuri Sugestiologie – doc Download link: Irina Holdevici – Elemente de Irina HOLDEVICI, Professor, Ph.D., Bucharest University (BU): Chap. Elemente de psihoterapie, Editura AII, Bucureşti. Ionescu, G. download PDF Carti De Psihologie Hipnoza In Psihoterapie book you are also De Inductie Hipnotica, Volumul -Hipnoza Clinica, De Irina Holdevici, Cuprinde Andrei Athanasiu – Elemente De Psihologie Medicală Andrei.

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Beginning with s numerous research and empirical studies havebeen developed and performed and controlled which were monitoring theseinterventions Miller and Wilbourne, Behavior Therapy, 35 1 Elemebte order to gain thesecompetencies, the first step is to go through your own process of analysis andreconstructing the pattern of function in relationships and the existent relationalmodel.

We mention that the assessment intrument has not been validated andstandardized for the Romanian population, the present paper being the beginningof such a step.

Archives of General Psychiatry, 40, Through this, personal psihlterapie have been analyzed, www. Young and Brown,; Young, developed the Cognitive Schemas Questionnaire which, over the time, has undergone several changes.

Single measurements can b projectedon the interpersonal problems circumplex and compared in terms on angularlocalizations, a procedure that might clarify relative interpersonal connotationsofvarious measurements.

Subsequently, the wholeepisode has been analyzed and the client has been desensitized, throughemotional ventilation and creating a hypothetical setting in which he couldexpress frustration and discontent, both caused by the lack of trust from hisfather.

Read wed/carti-de-psihologie-hipnoza-in-psihoterapie

Moreoever, when ST wascompared to other ways proved as efficient motivational interventions,interventions 12 steps type significant differences were not detected Psihogerapie A remarkable achievement of the Faculty of Psychology is hholdevici organization of the Scientific paper session with international participation in May Thus,the assertion ele,ente no study on people proved that the response to activating stimuliis a causative factor of relapsing remain valid until now Kadden The study reveals that the organization and formation of the group is afactor that determines the success when working in group.

We consider the lower level is an objective one, that leads us towardssetting a new direction for the development process. For a long time the dishabituation of alcoholics from drinkingwas tried, provoking them disgust with substances which induce nausea apomorphine and cyanamideswallowed or holdecici cures of disgust. The research reveals the necessity of a consistent psychological assessmentand we will also introduce other assessment tools. This presentation makes an overview of main treatments developedin the last 30 years in the domain of alcohol treatment and of research thatconfirm their efficacy.


On a general level, although it is proved as a punitive attitude, thejudgment from the professional diminishes the motivational level of the patient,and decreases the quality of therapeutic relation; such attitudes continue to befrequently met in the mental health care system.

The pwihoterapie number of topics, as well as their diversity, reflects the interest of the participants in the latest concepts, theories and methodologies used in contemporary psychology.

Scientific Research | Titu Maiorescu University

In this context, our opinion is that the main objective of the sports psychologist is to take the athlete — from a state where he cannot play anymore — to ds where he can play. ST remains an efficient treatment, cost-efficiency because it has equal efficiency, has group and individual scheme Ceciliawith long lasting results and compared to other interventions.

The circumplex scales of the Inventory of Interpersonal Problems IIP allow that these interpersonal problems to be assessed, just like those previouslyneglected. Evidence that sustain this arepresented and discussed.

Therepeated association for a few consecutive days of these substances together withdrinking would create a yoldevici conditioned reflex, whose fixation is done withconsistency, for consolidation of healing. Returning to the family of origin; 4. Journal of anxiety disorders, 22 4 Defense mechanisms and personality in depression.

This is statistically displayed through scores with lower recorded values for thesubjects involved in the study, that in a psychological approach showsimprovement of interpersonal irinna spectrum, for six out of eight scalesassessed by the used inventory.

Irina Holdevici

Their incidence during marriageand also the way he valorized himself considering his female partners. Actually, our perceptions and actions are guided towards contents of thedistal environment and we try to make a sense for the multitude of proximalstimuli, by organizing them in accordance with the distal invariants and theirproperties.

Therefore, we consider that beyond objectivity and neutrality, another characteristic of the sports psychologist should be the ability of teaching the athletes the significations and the meanings of unconditional love.

Another research Ionescu, S. Final assessment, consisting of reapplying the Inventory of Interpersonalproblems after going through self-development process.


The session enjoyed a remarkable international participation distinguished by the value, prestige and visibility of elementr guests: I n c e l e alalte regulatu: Results of the studies performed until now were far from clarifying thesematters. Abordari actuale in psihologia aplicata pp.

According to Grandei Mesa, SI in disorders connected to alcoholconsumption there are the most extensible studied intervention in this field. Click here to sign up. All these imply the use of several — relevant data collection, analysis, processing and storage — methods, both in a quantitative and qualitative manner.

Elemente de limba română după dialecte şi monumente vechi

Through ee and role play, Ciprian S. On the other hand there are the opposite processesthat holdevuci identified as alienation realtionship with diharmonic nuances andlayering that refers to achieving roles and statuses that let the hierarchical processfree for the actors involvd in the relationship. These programs have in communthe following two aspects: Broadly, humanbehavior is governed by the causal relantions established between differentobjects and events in the psychological field, and in its centre, individuals findthemselves in the company of others.

A promising version of thismodel id the rewarded not of abstinence itself, but of achieving different stages oftreatment and of proposed objectives for the change of consumption behavior. Skip to main content. Thus, over authors and 60 studies were selected. If we begin with the dominant pole ofthe corcumplex and move in a counterclockwise direction, the scales assess thefollowing types of problems: SI — opportunist — granted to people that solicit treatment for another issuethan that connected to alcohol, but which are identified by test of screening thatbeing at risk.

The reason why we consider theoptimization of interpersonal relationships to be important in the self-development of future therapists is the necessity to gain abilities in order to buildfuncitonal relationships, so that they would create the premises of therapeuticefficacy due to therapeutic alliance.

Thus, the extinction of aconditioning response may be complicated with: