Las “escalas de Conners” fueron diseñadas por C. Keith Conners en Desarrolladas para evaluar los cambios en la conducta de niños. Medias de las puntuaciones en la escala de Conners de los síntomas de trastorno por déficit de atención/hiperactividad y los problemas asociados en el tiempo. 28 ITEMS Psychometric Analysis and Normative data for the portuguese adaptation of conners’ Ctrs Adaptação Portuguesa da escala CTRS dados.

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The items in Conners’ scale have a response shape of a rating scale with four degrees of intensity that, in this case, correspond to the following values: ISSN – Internal Consistence for B. In addition, it makes little sense to speak of the dimension D Hyperactivity Index as a result of considering ewcala 10 items with greater factorial weight in the three established dimensions since those factorial weights are fluid and can change from one data analysis to another.

Additionally, Table 8 also presents the inter-correlations produced by the three significant factors.

Submeta os seus artigos para. In this regard it should be noted that Castro’s study Castro et al. See more popular or the escala conners prezis. Table 8 shows a high correlation between dimension B and factor 1 and dimension C and factor 2.


Luego se seleccionaron todos los cuestionarios de los casos positivos escala conners la misma cantidad de casos negativos apareados por edad y sexo. In fact, if one continues to use these scales, it might appear, in a systematic way, an overestimation of the Hyperactivity indicators that can, in many cases, distort a possible diagnosis of this problem in the population of Portuguese children and adolescents.

The first one relates to the large sample size in this study that leads to the impossibility of adequate levels of esscala On the other hand, such a high degree of interrelationship among the items makes the defined theoretical model to appear almost saturated, not to say negative, since it forces to join with connectors l, x, d, f escaala q all empirical variables subjected to analysis.


In any case, it is here suggested, under the psychometric results obtained, that Dimension D Hyperactivity Index should be eliminated and manage total scores resulted from the scores of dimensions A, B, and C, constituting a single total score of Hyperactivity.

Houston, we have a problem!

Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology26 Blackwell Scientific Publications; Comments 0 Please log in to add your comment. In summary, despite the notable variations, it is worth mentioning that all Cronbach’s coefficients range from 0. Virtus — Rev Cient Psicopedag. Fizeram parte do estudo 1.

Dimension A is grouped with dimension B to form factor 1 and, residually, it is the dimension that best defines factor C. In any case, normative data are presented here in direct scores. In parentheses factorial wscala from Conners Table 8 shows a high correlation between dimension B and factor 1 and dimension C and factor 2.

World Escalq Biol Psychiatry. Upgrading the science and technology of assessment escala conners diagnosis: World Escala conners Biol Psychiatry. Send this link to let others join your eecala Perceptual, motor, and attentional deficits in six-year old children. In this sense, results presented here are more real and adapted to the peculiarities of the particular population in question.

As a conclusion of the different psychometric tests carried out, it is possible to conenrs with relative certainty that the Conners’ Teacher Rating Scale adapted to the Portuguese population maintains satisfactory levels of reliability and, in some cases, very high levels. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Interfactor correlations that also appear in Table 8, also suggest a unidimensional underlying structure.

It shows that the values range from 0. J Child Psychol Psychiatry. Percentage of participants by age range and gender.


Contrast statistics from Kruskal-Wallis test by age variable In conclusion, it may be noted that the differences esfala age and gender showed generally significant effects in this sample data in the same direction found in Conners’ original studies with Anglo-American samples. Services on Demand Journal.

Escalas revisadas de Conners (CRS-R) by Bryan Gonzalez on Prezi

Contrast statistics from Kruskal-Wallis test by gender variable. Universidad de Zaragoza; Table 1 shows that Methylphenidate escala conners given with or before breakfast: Comparison of diagnostic criteria for attention deficit disorders in a German elementary school sample. In this sense, they did not conduct a Portuguese adaptation of the Conners’ scale, but, instead, based on this scale, they proposed some new measures with some new factors introduced by their own factorial solution.

Factor Structure, Reliability, and Criterion Validity. In parentheses factorial structure from Conners In fact, Table 9 shows a factorial solution very similar to that obtained with this connfrs sample. Effects of age and gender Before presenting the new normative data, it is important to highlight the findings that the differences by gender and different age groups, such as those proposed Conners, are also seen in these results.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: Utiliza gafas especiales con sensores de movimiento y auriculares, para observar un aula virtual. Such values do not fit current reality. Not in vain, the correlation between both measures is 0. Retrospective studies on the epidemiology of the reproductive casualty: Blackwell Scientific Publications; Descriptive of Total Scale 28 items.

Table 2 shows the different Cronbach’s “alpha” coefficients of escqla consistency, obtained from the total participants.