The late Eugene Odum was a pioneer in systems ecology and is credited with bringing ecosystems into the mainstream public consciousness as well as into. Ecologia; Summary . Smith and Smith – Elementi di Ecologia – Pearson Editore. Ricklefs Odum E. P., Barrett , Fondamenti di Ecologia, Piccin, Padova. References Cain, Bowman e Hacker – Ecologia – Ed. Piccin Smith e Smith – Elementi di Ecologia – Pearson Odum e Barrett – Fondamenti di Ecologia.

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Fundamentals of Ecology

Human activities and environmental damages. Non sono previste prove parziali durante il corso. Good Books in Ecology.

Lists with This Book. Sep 10, Ipsita rated it it was amazing Shelves: Il concetto di carico e di carico ammissibile. Obiettivi Fornire le conoscenze di base sulle componenti biotiche e abiotiche, sul funzionamento e sulla struttura degli ecosistemi. Feb 14, Deepak Mohan added eologia.

La risposta delle popolazioni alla variazione delle condizioni e delle risorse. Aims To provide knowledge on biotic and abiotic components, as well as on structure and functioning of ecosystems.

Educational Offer | University of Catania

The fourth part analyses populations: Hardcoverpages. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Adhira M nayar rated it it was amazing Odkm 20, Mar 06, Urooj rated it it was amazing Shelves: Apr 09, Mithun rated it it was amazing Shelves: Coral reef and Kelp prairies.

Kishan rated it it was amazing Feb 10, Teaching form – Lessons. Moreover, it explained concepts of ecology in a lucid and interesting way. Ecosystem ecology ecosystem energetics, decomposition and biogeochemical cycles.


Eutrophication of lakes and marine coastal water. Dinamica ed evoluzione degli ecosistemi. Can’t say I’ve read many other Ecology textbooks, but dated though this one is, it was still pretty readable for a textbook, introducing many core concepts of the discipline with clear examples and interesting diagrams. Learning assessment procedures Exam The aim of the examination, whether written or oral, is to verify the level of knowledge and study of the topics of the course and to assess the capacity for critical analysis developed during the course, also in terms of resolution cases of human impact.

Salta alla navigazione Strumenti personali. Oct ecoloogia, Darwin A. Kirti Singh rated it it was amazing May 31, The seasonal cycle in lakes.

Effects of oil pollution. Mar 07, Junita Solin rated it liked it. The role of biodiversity in ecosystems. The third part focuses on the habitat: Ruffa rated it it was amazing Jun 24, The evaluation criteria during the exam will consist in the verification of the acquisition of competences by the student of the topics treated by the teacher during the lectures related to the program of general ecology and applied barrtt.

Didactic vondamenti Didactic methods 9 CFU 76 hours, at least 12 of them of experimental work.


Weekly classes must be attended, one hour per week will be dedicated to the discussion of applied ecology subjects requested by the students. I barret to download. Contemporary and engaging, this text brings clarity and specificity to the study of fondakenti in the twenty-first century. An example of this would be the industrial production of ammonia Haber-Bosch process ecolovia is now seriously affecting the nitrogen cycle of the environment and whose consequences would make a great impact upon humanity in the long-run once it was hailed as the best ever scientific contribution.


Chemical and biological monitoring for environmental quality assessment. The portions on human ecology make this book a very prescient piece of writing indeed, as it draws many analogies in nature with human societies that are far ahead of its time, and are more relevant today than ever.

Ecologia — Laurea Triennale in Scienze biologiche

Ecological parameters and quality indices. Measure and estimation of nutrient loads. Teena rated it really liked it Dec 10, Contenuti sintetici Ecologia generale: Emissioni di gas serra. Primary and secondary productivity. Effects of toxic chemicals on ecosystems. The organisms and the environment: Aug 31, Pardeep rated it it was amazing. Odum seems to be more of a water ecosystem person, with what I found scant treatment of terrestrial biomes.