Freedom and Death is Kazantzakis’s modern Iliad. Nikos Kazantzakis was born in in Herakleion on the island of Crete. During the. FREEDOM OR DEATH 1 NIKOS KAZANTZAKIS FREEDOM OR DEATH By Nikos Kazantzakis First published in Dear Friends, this is a backup copy of the. Zorba The Greek () and The Greek Passion () brought Kazantzakis critical attention and this new translation proves him to be among the major writers.

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The word Captain is not used in its naval rank sense, but as the title of leader of guerilla group the writer’s father Michalis Kazantzakis was a leader of such a group, hence the title. He is rather cold towards his wife see e. Words of these events get around, heads grow hotter on both sides, leading to more violence among people who have no personal involvement in the original feud but are motivated by ethnic hatred; 7.


The “or” was knowingly replaced with “and” in the ending text by Kazantzakis. Another explanation, which is what Michales tells to Polyxigis after admitting the murder, is that she stood in the way of their efforts to liberate Crete, Faber and Faber, Much of the novel shows very nicely how the next uprising breaks out. There are, both among the Turks and among the Greeks, some people that try to calm things down, and others that try to incite yet more violence.

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An insult to the Moslem populace causes him to kill Michaeles’ brother. Every few months Michales invites a few acquaintances to a feast lasting a whole week, during which he forces them as well as himself to drink almost without interruption; but the drink doesn’t seem to affect him, and he merely sits glumly and enjoys a kind of dark sense of contempt at the sight of the antics and carousings of his drunken companions 3.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here I thoroughly enjoyed the film, and the last scene, with Zorbas and Basil dancing like mad on the ruins of their failed mining facility, is one of my favourite movie scenes altogether. In the UK the book was published as Freedom and Deathwhich were the last words in the book.


The novel is set in Crete in the late 19th century, when it was still a part of the Turkish empire. However, the person who gets the most attention in the novel is one Captain Michales.

FREEDOM OR DEATH by Nikos Kazantzakis | Kirkus Reviews

Now, this last thing was in fact a perfectly decent duel in which Nuri had also been seriously wounded, so one would perhaps nioos expect that this settles the matter, but in fact it doesn’t. Another explanation for the murder is that he did it out of jealousy, Find what you believe in and pursue it doggedly.

The central conflict lies between Michaeles, a Greek leader, and his blood brother, Nuri Bey, whose mistress would possess Michaeles. Each man uncovers his true self when faced with these overwhelming odds. Translated by Jonathan Griffin. Eventually, massacres begin to occur 8. It isn’t really some concerted, premeditated action. I had a curious feeling while reading these last scenes of the story; rationally I know what utter madness and insanity such a suicidal struggle is and it seems to me that Michales knew this as wellbut at the same time I can almost feel my feet being lifted off solid ground and transported feeedom some sort of atavistic fog in which blood spurts all round and a pointless and suicidal fight to the ro end is somehow glorious, splendid eeath commendable.

At some point it is mentioned that the Turkish sultan had been required, at some earlier occasion probably due to some uprising or some intercession by the European powersto grant a few concessions or privileges to the Cretan Greeks, and indeed it does not seem that they are being oppressed in some particularly heinous way.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: This site uses cookies. Saturday, November 18, The various characters respond to these urges in different ways, but one man towers above them all: Michales is a chief, or Captain, of the Cretans in Megalokastro modern Heraklionthe city in which the Ottoman Pasha resides.

Full text of “Nikos Kazantzakis – Freedom or Death”

He and his fellow palikars know that they are fighting a losing war. The Last Temptation of Christ. Based on this good experience with the film, I always had a long-term intention of eventually reading some of Kazantzakis’s books.


Articles containing Greek-language text Pages to import images to Wikidata All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from February I suppose that a more experienced reader than me would probably say that these are merely old tricks of the genre, but I was almost truly touched by that scene. Michales respects him as a fighter and fellow patriot, but despises his cheerful disposition and his fondness for women 4.

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#31: Freedom or Death by Nikos Kazantzakis

It is thought that the book’s title honours Kazantzakis’ father Michalis Kazantzakis, by whom the writer was inspired. She too would have wanted to see only her son—the girls could just creep away as soon as they heard the door open and him coming.

Sunday, November 19, 3: Well, scratch the latter two, there are just as many women as men in this book, and there isn’t any bestialitybut the first one definitely holds — at least half the men in this book are walking talking unreconstructed textbook cases of both acute and chronic testosterone poisoning.

Before reading this book, my only encounter with Kazantzakis was the fact that I once saw the film Zorba the Greekbased deatth one of his novels and with Anthony Quinn in the title role. Ali’s son, Nuri Bey, was just a child at the time, but now, more than twenty years later, he is a grown-up and ready to take revenge 2.

Soldiers, farmers, servants, fishermen, doctors, and others stream forth, all with their own unmistakable individuality, longings, absurdities and domestic tragedies in a work which offers many good parallels to For Whom The Bell Tolls and which can lay claim to being an important, beautiful, thunderously alive novel.

Retrieved from ” https: It is one of the most widely read books of modern Greek literature which has been translated and published in several languages.