For Cheyenne Clark, there’s a bad moon on the rise There’s one sound a woman doesn’t want to hear when she’s lost and alone in the Arctic wilderness. Frostbite: A Werewolf Tale is the disappointingly slow story of a woman frostbite Terminally Tepid Werewolf Action. Author: David Wellington. Frostbite (Werewolf Tale, book 1) by David Wellington – book cover, description, publication history.

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This was an interesting tale, full of action. Overall, readers interested in werewolf lore, unique or traditional, should skip Frostbite and go straight for the sequel instead.

I try to give things a fair shake, frosbite I’ve never encountered such a lonely, depressing read as this. I haven’t read the author’s frostvite books, and if they’re anything like this, I don’t want particularly want to, so I don’t really have a standard on which to compare him.

Frances has a Masters in Fiction Writing from Johns Hopkins and works as a technical writer during the day, where she attempts to make software exciting.

The main character, Cheyenne Clark, is one of the most interesting characters in Wellington’s novels, but the unfortunately, the novel doesn’t have much of a in depth plot. Werewolves in either form have only a hazy recollection of events in their other form. The entire work was a tad cliche and the writing abysmal. Werewolves, Literate Paranormal, Fine Writing.

Occasionally he would lick her face, her ears, to wake her up, to keep her from fading out of existence altogether.

Frostbite (Wellington novel) – Wikipedia

Definitely for horror fans and NOT paranormal romance fans. These lycanthropes are not slavering monsters but rather very large wolves, dire wolves. I started book 2, about 10 second after putting this one down Frostbite was first available as an online serialization.

Climbing a nearby tree for safety, she realizes that she is surrounded by wolves and begins to wonder what her next step will be. I think the story would have been decent if I hadn’t been so distracted by the poor writing. In fact, they hate humans, killing them whenever they can. They come out rarely, and good ones rarer still.


The novel has garnered largely positive reviews. She recognizes it’s distinctive green eyes, those eyes!

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I found it very interesting even though it strayed from the main story. But this wolf is different, he’s huge with shiny green eyes. Rather, it is as if the body becomes ephemeral and a new body is created, at every change.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. I’ll just hope his vampire and zombie novels are better written. Wellington creates a compelling, taut, page-turner wellongton in the Arctic wilderness of Canada, starring another solid female lead who he puts through her paces and then somemixing in his trademark davjd action and pacing, then adding new seasonings to the werewolf mythos. I like “monster” books, but I don’t want to be so scared that I can’t sleep at night.

Frostbite: A Werewolf Tale

A great adventure in my opinion. After finishing Frostbiteall I can say is that I am glad I discovered the sequel first, otherwise, after reading the first book, I would return neither to this series nor this author. Takes wdllington new spin on the idea that werewolves shift when the moon is up, and kept my interest until the last page. Long story short, I didn’t care.

After a while this became more and more noticeable and increasingly irritating.

Frostbite | David Wellington | Readers Lane

The narrator didn’t feel like he wanted to be there descriptions were matter-of-fact and staccato, or bogged down in unnecessary frillsChey was completely uninteresting all I know about her from that opening is she loves cereal bars, wears Timberlands, and keeps almost cryingand I couldn’t even slog through to the fifth chapter like I wanted to, to give it a chance to get good.


This was actually the second time that I’ve read this one, and I like led it much better the second time around. The one big problem for me is that everyone seems to know that werewolves are real and out there.

Want to Read saving…. Chey’s own particular story unfolds over the course of the book, which is frustrating as well as fun all at the same time – my fault entirely, I’m just too impatient. I don’t think I’d call it that, it was a thriller, edge of your seat thriller with some blood, crunched bones and big teeth. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this book and I’m sure both urban fantasy and horror fans would enjoy it.

But that’s just personal pre This was actually the second time that I’ve read this one, and I like led it much better the second time around. Regardless, this book is bad, and not in a good way.

Great book for anyone needing to sink their teeth into a good werewolf tale. Price Not Listed Kindle Edition: Throw in the duality of the human versus the wolf in each shapeshifters core, where the Hu I long for a good werewolf book.

This was an okay book; I love all of Wellington’s other books, but this one felt amateur to me. Sep 02, pennyg rated it it was ok. Injured, she meets up with a strange man named Dzo in the forest, who takes her to a man named Powell. They are two halves of a whole, the wolf hating humanity with its very core. Mar 21, Holly rated it liked it.