The Challenge of Our Time – Fr. George Florovsky. The great Russian bishop of the last century, Theophanes “The Recluse” (d. ), in one of his pastoral. Candidate, University of Oxford, UK speaks on “George Florovsky and Christian Hellenism.” Read about the seminar on the St. Vladimir’s. Fr. George Florovsky Resource Page. About Georges Vasilievich Florovsky: Philosopher of the Orthodox World (1 of 8) · Georges Vasilievich.

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In fact, however, this idea of ‘decrease’ has strongly affected our modern theological thinking. Gregory was definitely opposed to all kinds of ‘essentialist theologies’ which fail to account for God’s freedom, for the dynamism of God’s will, for the reality of Divine action.

He made Florovaky doctrine available for average Christians, for all Christians. But we have to solve the questions by thinking through the answers and not by merely reciting formulas, sacred and perfect though they are.

Iraq makes Christmas Day an official nationwide holiday. Orthodox responsibility to the Christian floorvsky makes ecumenical witness imperative. They are rather witnesses of the true faith, testes veritatis. Let us confine our attention this time to one aspect of our Christian duty.

Looking forward, Florovsky held out hope for serious theological work, particularly in light of the increased ecumenical involvement of Roman Catholics. Gregory Palamas, at which time the University of Thessaloniki conferred upon the author an honorary doctorate in theology.

These two dimensions, that of being and that of acting, are different, and must be clearly distinguished. Let us quote another hymn-from the office of the Three Hierarchs.

That primacy cannot adequately function without conciliarity, and conciliarity cannot adequately function without primacy, is a theme in Orthodox-Catholic dialogue, and the Catholic Church is taking these conclusions seriously. Salvation is more than forgiveness. We haven’t arrived at a fully balanced ecclesiology yet, either in theory or in practice; but we are getting there; and one of the people we have to thank is Father George Florovski and the other Russian theologians living in exile in the 20th century.


George Florovsky and Christian Hellenism

The article was published by St. Now, Byzantine theology was much more than just a ‘repetition’ of Patristic theology, nor was that which was new in it of an inferior quality in comparison with ‘Christian Antiquity. Both unity and diversity are essential characteristics of the Catholic Church and the Holy Spirit is the Author of florovvsky unity and diversity.

The rusty weapons will not do. In interviews of his last decade, he defended continued participation in the WCC, florovsku the influence of Orthodox participants in turning the conversation to ecclesiology and introducing patristic studies into Faith and Order.

Theology of this kind can never be separated from the life of prayer and from the exercise of virtue.

The Challenge of Our Time – Fr. George Florovsky

Saint Nicholas of Myra, the Wonderworker Known for his abundant mercy and generosity for the poor! In fact, for him, Tradition is the most basic authority in the light of which some councils of the Church have been rejected and others accepted, and according to which all councils must be interpreted: Representing the Ecumenical Patriarchate at DelhiFlorovsky flouted floroveky directive, leading forty Orthodox representatives together with Bishop Athenagoras Kokkinakis in a statement reiterating the Orthodox ecclesiological terms of involvement.

I am not speaking of the Holy Tradition, of the writings of the Holy Fathers, but of the inadequate books of the last century, which were so often ephemeral and rarely presented a sufficient interpretation of the Holy Tradition. It is a living tradition-depositum it cannot be counted inter mortuas regulas.


In Florovsky was ordained priest of the Orthodox Church. Actually, the whole teaching of S. He did not dispute the labors and achievements of those who did not belong to the Orthodox communion of faith. At this point he was a true successor of the great Athanasius and of the Cappadocian hierarchs. Patron Saint-day of the church in Peroj — St. In this subject, he found his real vocation. Yet, it was just a beginning.

Georges Florovsky

Is this distinction compatible with the ‘simplicity’ of God? Was it not just a ‘ritualistic controversy’? Only the word theosis can render adequately the uniqueness of the promise and offer. Temple, Church or Cathedral – Pictured above is St.

Georges Florovsky – Wikipedia

The groups surprised each other because their criticism of their respective churches echoed each other, because they identified the same theological enemy in the influence of neo-scholasticism, and they had the same solution in a radical appeal to Tradition and the Fathers as the context in which everything else has to be interpreted. And this is the crucial point. With no lesser justification we may describe also the theology of S.

Irenaeus, is grounded in, and guaranteed by, that charisma veritatis certum, which has been deposited from the very beginning in the Church and preserved in the uninterrupted succession of Apostolic ministry: The great Russian bishop of the last century, Theophanes “The Recluse” d. As it has been well said recently, ‘the Catholic Church of all ages is not merely a daughter of the Church of the Fathers – she is and remains the Church of the Fathers.