Simple helloworld example using remoting. Contribute to graniteds-tutorials/ graniteds-tutorial-helloworld development by creating an account on GitHub. Could you try renaming temporarily your.m2 so we can make sure that this is not just an issue with your local repository? are there. GraniteDS Tutorial Parent. als» tutorial-parentLGPL. GraniteDS Tutorial Parent POM. Last Release on Aug 29,

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We can also prevent any call to the server when something is wrong:.

That would be even better if we didn’t even display the ‘Delete’ button to our user if he’s not allowed to use it. Also I was pointing to JDK 1.

Enabling this involves a few steps:. Component; private tjtorial hello name: Now the Flex application: AuthorService; [Inject] public var authorService: Thu Jan 23 Guide to Microsoft Azure Integration. This is a simple CRUD application using some very convenient Flex 4 features such as states and bidirectional data binding.

Integration with Bean Validation Our application is still missing a critical piece: Any help on how to resolve this will be really appreciated. That’s also why this is necessary to configure different servlet implementations depending on the target container Tomcat, JBossWeb Sign up using Facebook. Identity; private function grniteds These two technologies make a great combination for building enterprise applications with a modern looking and rich user interface.


Whatever is the client and server frameworks you develop your application with, you can be sure to leverage the most advanced features of each of them: Yes, the one you are trying to launch.

Maven Repository: als » tutorial-parent-client-javafx » GA

I run the following command for the example graniteds-tutorial-data in the GraniteDS 3. Now we would like to prevent non-administrator users from deleting authors.

You can check that you cannot delete an author when logged in as user. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. DefaultServiceInitializer; [Bindable] [Inject] public var identity: Remoting to Spring services First the traditional Hello World and its incarnation as a Spring 3 service: That means we could also simply write this: Comprehensive Whatever is the client and server frameworks you develop your application with, you can be sure to leverage the most advanced features of each of them: There are two minor issues with this example that have not much interest in themselves hutorial that I will use to hutorial two interesting features of Tide.

On the Flex side, we can use an editable List note that there is no built-in editable Spark List in Flex 4, so we use a custom ItemRenderer inspired from this blog postsee the full sources attachedand add this: Easy Configuration Simplified configuration through runtime scanning of your deployment environment: We can also prevent any call to the server when something is wrong: I’ll finish this part by showing how to display and update the collection of books.


Enterprise RIA with Spring 3, Flex 4 and GraniteDS

With the help of our Tide framework, it only costs a Java annotation to enable concurrent modifications to be instantly dispatched to all connected clients. For now you have maybe noticed that the existence of this collection did not cause any problem at all, though it is marked lazy on the JPA entity.

The last thing I will demonstrate is the ability to dispatch updates on an entity to all connected clients. It can also be useful when the authentication is done through a simple Web page and you just want to retrieve the authentication state instead of displaying a Flex login form.

Maven Repository: als

The structure of the project is a classic multi-module Maven project with a Flex module, a Java module and a Web application module. In this article I will show this concept of RIA platform at work by building a simple application using the following features: Franiteds as the injection in the client now uses the interface name, we don’t have to give a name to the Spring service any more:.

That means we could also simply write this:. Adobe Flex is one of the most widely used client technologies for building rich applications and Spring 3 is one of the most popular Java application frameworks.