“I conjure thee, Oh BOOK to be useful and profitable unto all those who shall read thee for success in their affairs.” ~ Conjuration for the Book, Grimoire of Pope. The Grimoire of Pope Honorius is a significant seventeenth century French grimoire with a selection of Book of Secrets charms attached to it. The Grimoire of Honorius, as with many other books of magic, is “the The work was falsely attributed to Pope Honorius III, who granted it so.

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Murder and Magic in France – Negative Uses of the Grimoire of Pope Honorius

Write in the circle as follows:. Open Preview See a Problem? The following two tabs change content below. From what we know of magical literature, to say nothing of pontifical dignity, it is antecedently unlikely that it is the or of a Roman bishop, more especially of such a bishop as Honorius.

This grimoire mentions the angel Raziel.

Murder and Magic in France – Negative Uses of the Grimoire of Pope Honorius – Occult-Study

Behold that which forbids rebellion to our wills, and doth ordain you to return unto your abodes. For Sundayto Surgat. The corpus of charms comes from diverse sources, including Scot’s Discoverie of Witchcraftand some like the Letter of St Anthony can be dated back to at least the 13th century.

Conjuration of the King of the North.

If thou failest, I will torment thee with the sword of fire divine; I will multiply thy sufferings, and will burn thee.

In this manner, while all books on magic could be thought of as grimoires, not all magical books should be thought of as grimoires. Yeah that is write they summoned demons, Angels and other spirits to do their bidding. Jesus, be Thou my help, now and for ever!

What follows must be said before the sealing of the Book. Combining a grikoire of conjur “I conjure thee, Oh BOOK to be useful and profitable unto all those who shall read thee for success in their affairs. I command thee by all the Kingdoms of God. The original work if it is a single work has not been located, but some derived texts bearing the title have been found, some in the Sloane manuscripts, some in the Folger Shakespeare Library.


It is unique among grimoires in that it was specifically designed frimoire be used by a priest, and some of the instructions include saying a Mass.

The Complete Grimoire of Pope Honorius by David Rankine

May the day be bright, may the sun and moon shine forth, when I shall call upon them. Lecouteux, Claude Le Livres des Grimoires. I conjure thee by the head of St.

I conjure thee by the holy Angels and Archangels, and by all the blessed orders of Spirits, by the holy patriarchs and prophets, by all the holy martyrs and confessors, by all the holy virgins and innocent widows, and by all the saints of God, both men and women. Including numerous illustrations, and tables tracing the derivation of the material through the different editions and into other grimoires, the Complete Grimoire of Pope Honorius demonstrates the versatility and significance of this grimoire, cutting past outdated misperceptions to a viewpoint which reflects more accurately the position of the Grimoire of Pope Honorius in the development of magic since the seventeenth century.

The books or manuscripts commonly known as grimoires were a European phenomena, usually written in the period from the thirteenth to the late eighteenth century. Notify me of new posts via email. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Following this are a wide variety of charms, some for healing, a large selection for the protection and maintenance of sheep, and others for rapid travel, making women dance naked, and the like.

Open your gates, ye princes! Conjuration I conjure thee, Luciferby the living God, by the true God, by the holy God, who spake and all was made, who commanded and all things were created and made!

This experience is performed at night from nine to ten o’clock, and the first stone found is given to him. The person who desires to invoke the perverse “Spirits of Darkness” must observe a three days’ fast; he must also confess and approach the Holy Altar. The book has several invocations including one to have the book bless the owner. After these three days, upon the morrow, and at the hour of sunrise, he shall recite the Seven Gradual Psalms, with the accompanying Litanies and Prayers, the whole on his knees; further, he must drink no wine and eat no meat on that day.


Proceed as on Monday; compose the circle, and write about it:. Grimoire du Pape Honorius Mollenauer, Lynn Wood Strange Revelations: For Sunday, to Surgat. Author and Collaborator City: Conjuration for Each Day of the Week. The first edition of the Grimoire is said to have appeared inand was likely forged near the end of the sixteenth century, roughly nine hundred years after the death of its supposed author.

For Wednesday, to Astaroth. This experience is commonly performed between eleven and twelve o’clock, or between three and four.

For Thursdayto Silcharde.

This design for an amulet comes from the Black Pullet grimoire. Refresh and try again. The signs hereinafter represented must be inscribed on a sheet of clean paper with the consecrated wine which is the Blood of Jesus Christ:. And recite Psalm cxv.: Do thou obey me, and fulfil my commands, being powerless to do harm unto me, or any person whomsoever, either in body or soul.

Whence, if you or they do not obey promptly and without tarrying, I will shortly increase your torments for a thousand years in hell. Samantha McGuire rated it it was amazing Dec 03,