The. GURPS Martial Arts: Technical Grappling web page is technicalgrappling. Bibliographies. Many of our books have extensive bib-. Forum poster Icelander wanted to create a special martial arts style for actually being trained to arrest and detain folks. It’s based on how they. Even when GURPS Martial Arts: Technical Grappling was published, there were ways to simplify it, and some of those were included in.

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Technical Grappling makes a couple of things more clear: There is a lot to digest – You need to know a lot.

GURPS Martial Arts: Technical Grappling

These are manageable if you know the system: Whether your campaign features athletes wrestling for prizes and honor, lawmen who must control and disarm suspects, or historical warriors trained to fight to the death, Martial Arts: If not, his hold is still weaker. Ideally, if you do nothing effective to stop him, he can pile up enough control points to arrs you all but helpless, then force you into a disadvantageous position with your back to him, then free up his hands by trapping you with some other limb or part of a limb, and then wail away unopposed.

For hurting them, you spend control points to set bounds on damage.

The canny warrior knows that grappling is fundamental to fighting. Knife stood up, he’d have been yards away at stationary and my guy would have been gone.

So it didn’t feel simple. This is one of those areas where there is just a lot of work, even if what you get out of it is great stuff. Along the way, it makes rules for grappling more consistent with those of combat in general. Gladiators — Visit the world of the Roman gladiator, and bring his fighting styles, weapons, and way of life to your campaign. The benefit of using a grapple to move a foe is alike in kind, to put him in a facing or posture in which his defenses are penalized, and hopefully to keep him there, so that the remainder of the combat is a one-sided affair in your favor.

So now I try to go back to reading, but I’m already starting to think I won’t be able to use this, so my heart is no longer in it. Grappling can be much more involved, and a poor gambit can result in losing everything you worked for.


The important thing is, this has so far been a fun campaign, in large part due to the technical grappling rules. For my test fighter, the smart move would have been to throw the guy down and then just run – by the time Mr. So far, so good. Find More Posts by DouglasCole. Chapter 2 is all about armed grappling, and the most useful part of the whole book, in my humble opinion, is the flavor text introducing this chapter.

Very realistic – grappling is time-consuming compared to throwing a successful strike, which either hits or doesn’t, finishes him or doesn’t. The organization of chapters is 1 grappling general concepts, 2 important subcategory of grappling with weapons, and 3 actual grappling combat.

In TG, the effect-roll based control means it’s going to really get a good hold on you and it’s hard for you to really inconvenience it.

But as a fighting method, it ended up relying a bit too much on hope “I hope he gets Stunned and drops his weapon!

You need to know or look up your single-limbed grappling ST score. All times are GMT Privacy Policy Contact Us.

GURPS Martial Arts: Technical Grappling | GURPS Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

You need to get to aarts 3 before you find out what chapters 1 and 2 are for. Yet the examples of play I’ve read on Gaming Ballistic have made sense to me and seemed like fun. Martial Arts introduced the concept of martual armed grapple with weapon skill, but with the requirement that you drop your shield to hold that weapon with both hands, it seemed like a losing proposition as well. Surf our site for the files you want.

You grab, you get some Control Points CPsaccumulate enough to make it hard for the opponent to escape, then go for moves to finish the job. A weak man might have to attack several times in order to accumulate an impressive control point total, but having done so, he can do nasty things to a stronger man by spending those points profligately.

Which is fine, of course, just worth noting. In any case, nothing in Technical Grappling makes the karateka easier to grab in the first place, and the control point roll from a human foe is likely to impose -1 or -2 to ST and DX, favorable to the -4 DX under the original rules.


As a consequence, you roll damage control points based on half your ST, but you get a bonus from using a weapon instead of bare hands, so it works out about the same for normal human ST ranges.

Originally Posted by Gef. He’d have been better off achieving knife grapplinv and saving the throw for later, but my goal was to get entry and grappling rolls in, and establish how it would start, not “win. How much control you get in a grapple depends partly on native strength and partly on your skill in the application thereof.

GURPS Martial Arts: Technical Grappling

Grab, roll to see how well you’ve grabbed and how much control you’ve achieved. The biggie here is Constriction Attack, which formerly seemed redundant with Wrestling skill but now confers double control points, a benefit it shares with Trained by a Master. I found it intimidating at first, but after actually gaming a few scenes with it, I found it easy to assimilate, certainly no more difficult gur;s the combat system mrtial general, in part because it organically extends concepts already present in that system.

More than 30 of them — some new, some modified. And then, the book changed a techjical during playtest, when it because clear that some ideas needed to change to accomplish what Doug was trying to accomplish. Fortunately, I persevered, and after the first pass, I had enough marttial of the overall framework to read it again for understanding. Normally, you do the deriving in advance, one time, but with effective attribute scores fluctuating in a grappling situation, you may have to do it several times in a combat that represents only a few seconds of game time.

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Find More Posts by munin. Sean Punch 51 pages. Newer Post Older Post Home. Any melee — from a brawl to a swordfight — could suddenly move into the clinch.