Introduction: Hemisection involves sectioning of a periodontally involved mandibular molar so as to remove the involved root and save the. Patients are becoming more educated in the available treatments and will ask for services by name. This paper offers a treatment option that preserves tooth. Advances in dentistry, as well as the increased desire of patients to maintain their dentition, have lead to treatment of teeth that once would have been removed.

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Management of furcation involvement. Learn more about Endodontic Surgery. J Int Acad Periodontol ; A window of hope for freezing tooth.

Hemisection: A conservative management of periodontally involved molar tooth in a young patient

This procedure helps preserve the tooth structure, alveolar bone and promote cost savings over other treatment options.

Hemisection of hmeisection with questionable prognosis. J Interdiscip Dent ;1: The dental surgeon cuts the tooth in half to remove the damaged bone and any damaged root or crown. IOPA radiograph Click here to view. What is hemisection dental surgery?


Hemisection of the affected tooth allows tooyh preservation of tooth structure, alveolar bone and cost savings time and money over other treatment options.

A year retrospective study. J Interdiscip Dent ;2: This case report describes a simple procedure of hemisection in a mandibular molar with socket preservation with help of an alloplastic bone graft and subsequent restoration of the tooth with fixed prothesis.

Compend Contin Educ Dent ; A year retrospective study. J Pak Dent Assoc ; J Pak Dent Assoc. The term hemisection refers to the sectioning of a molar tooth, with the removal of an unrestorable root which may be affected by periodontal, endodontic, structural cracked rootsor caries.

Mosby-Year Book, Inc; Hemisection as an alternative treatment for hrmisection multirooted terminal abutment: J Interdiscip Dentistry ;1: The most common procedure is the root canal, which is necessary when the soft tissues inside your teeth become inflamed or diseased.

New website online since 11 th Aug, Tooth preparation of the distal portion of first permanent molar and second premolar was performed followed by ceramic bridge restoration [ Figure 3a ]. J Int Oral Health ;3: The keys to long term success appear to be thorough diagnosis followed by interdisciplinary approach with endodontic, surgical and prosthetic procedures.


What is hemisection dental surgery?

J Interdiscip Dentistry ;2: A ray of hope for the hopeless: Related articles Fixed partial denture furcation involvement hemisection. J Prosthet Dent ; We describe hemisection of a mandibular molar tooth followed by adequate restoration in a young patient.

Will I need time off work if I have hemisection dental surgery? Endodontic Therapy, 5 hemisction ed.

Hemisection hemisecction an alternative treatment for vertically fractured mandibular molars. J Conserv Dent ; An option to treat apically fractured and disloged part of a mesial root of a molar.

Dental air force home dental cleaning system: Management of periodontally involved molars with extensive decay is a challenging and is limited to dental extraction and replacement with implants.

On radiographic examination, vertical bone yemisection was evident on mesial root of lower permanent right first molar with furcation involvement [ Figure 1b ]. Pre-Operative tooth Click here to view.