Faceless Killers (Kurt Wallander) [Henning Mankell] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. One frozen January morning at 5am, Inspector. From the dean of Scandinavian noir, the first riveting installment in the internationally bestselling and universally acclaimed Kurt Wallander series, the basis for. Faceless Killers [Henning Mankell] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From the dean of Scandinavian noir, the first riveting installment in the.

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Support The New Press. Wallander’s home is on the beach. How does solving a crime restore, if only briefly, order to the world? Retrieved from ” https: Later, at the same camp, a Somali alien is executed by two unknown men — shot at almost point-blank range with a shotgun. No ulcer ridden, overworked police chief barking orders here, or lengthy descriptions of cityscapes; the author has created an ominous, heady atmosphere of fear and simmering outrage killerw a murder of an elderly couple in a bucolic farming village.

Faceless Killers Reader’s Guide

Is Rydberg right in suggesting that perseverance and will are more important than perfect police work? This confirms that you are a human visitor and prevents spam. Why would Henning Mankell choose to facrless the novel about two apparently disconnected crimes, one motivated by greed and another by racial hatred? Da ne govorimo o Kenetu Brani koji je presonalizovao britansku verziju serijala o inspektoru Valanderu A man of firm beliefs, he decries the erosion of law and order and just how his job has changed from simply protecting people and their property to attempting to moderate the increasing level of fear which pervades through society.

Faceless Killers

I remember a discussion I had years ago with a friend of mine about Jonathon Demme’s film version of The Silence of the Lambs. Recommended to TL by: Retrieved on 5 October He shows an admirable willingness to undertake surveillance operations which budgets are unlikely to faveless and to go the extra mile for the eventual solution. Our introduction to the character of Inspector Wallander by Henning Mankell, was certainly unusual.


From his first appearance in Faceless Killers, published in Sweden inthe fortysomething detective is in a bad way. Quotes from Faceless Killers. When the Immigration Services minister facdless on national TV arguing that the police have a lack of interest in ensuring the safety of immigrants it is easy hnning see how the media angle can be skewed to stir up fractious tempers and cause further unrest.

He now divides his time between Sweden and Maputo, Mozambique, where he works as a director at Teatro Avenida. I just got tired of him. Still hurt for Rydberg, poor guy Well told and with a close eye for detail, Faceless Killers also deals with such issues as racism, national identity, jenning policy and individual rights. I like the portrait of the main character and the small meditations on immigrants and racism in Sweden. It was admirable to see that throughout the course of this investigation both Wallander and his colleagues used the situation to study the effects of immigration on Sweden and kllers prevailing attitudes, pondering more widely on facelesa debate leading Wallander to conclude that the Immigration Services, the government and the media all have something to answer for as events spiral out of control.

Mankell portrays him as a sternly pensive slogger with health problems. Mankell thus sets the stage for a clever police procedural set against the larger social issue of how welcoming Sweden–or any other country–should be to growing numbers of immigrants.

The investigation is indeed frustrating for everyone involved and time-consuming, spreading over a six month period.

Sep 01, Kemper rated it really liked it Shelves: Wallander, acting as temporary head of the department while his superior is on vacation, is thoroughl An avid fan of police procedural books and television shows, it was not shocking that I fell in love with BBC’s Wallander series, starring Kenneth Branagh. English Translation, — Trade Paperback Police Inspector Kurt Wallander is called to the scene of a particularly violent killers of an elderly couple on a small farm.


Sooner or later a crime writer will get the Nobel prize not me – I’m Swedish because the old snobbery against the genre is fast vanishing. Mungo Park and the African explorers were a “revelation”; the logs that floated down the river behind the Mankell house, he told himself, were crocodiles in the Congo.

But when he finds an elderly couple brutally tortured, the husband dead and the wife barely clinging to life, and no apparent motive for the murder, he knows he has the case of his life. I’m hoping the next one will be better. He was soon bored with the curriculum, however, and left school at 16 to become a merchant seaman. The question is can Wallander adapt?

The distinct benefit of this is just how realistic the investigation feels as it stalls to eventual deadlock and grinds to a halt on several occasions before a series of seemingly innocuous details picked up through the course of the investigation deliver an eventual resolution over six-months later. The year-old had little money and was often hungry. His philanthropy was typical of Stockholm’s moderately progressive bourgeoisie, and not surprisingly his son’s books are filled with musical references.

So far she has directed two of her husband’s plays.

Faceless Killers – Wikipedia

Num parque em Estocolmo, perdi o livro que estava a ler, The Rosie Project. What does Rydberg add both to the investigation and to the novel? Kurt Wallander is a flawed but good man, he never gives up in his quest for the truth.