The IBM® BladeCenter® HS23 is positioned as a high-density, high-performance server based on the ServerBlade architecture for medium to. The IBM® BladeCenter® HS23 is a versatile blade server that offers outstanding . Emulex 10GbE VFA Advanced II for IBM BladeCenter HS The IBM BladeCenter HS23 Types and blade server is compatible with IBMBladeCenter units. This high density, high performance, single-wide.

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Use this table to view specific information about the blade server, such as blade server hardware features and the dimensions of the blade server. We work with businesses, non-profit organizations, governments and educational institutions to finance their entire technology solution. The new models also offer higher standard memory capacity enabling clients to scale more virtual machines immediately.

The BladeCenter can have a obm of four switch modules, but two of the switch module bays can take only an Ethernet switche or Bladecentter pass-though. The Intel Xeon processor E v2 product family improves productivity by bladecentet superior system performance with up to core processors up to 2.

Internal storage The HS23 server has two hot-swap drive bays accessible from the front of the blade server.

IBM BladeCenter – Wikipedia

The following memory protection technologies are supported: If required, IBM will provide the warranty service upgrade enhanced level of On-site Service acquired by the customer. This product is designated as customer setup.

Features and specifications Microprocessor: Under certain conditions, IBM Integrated Technology Services repairs selected non-IBM parts at no additional charge for machines that are covered under warranty service upgrades or maintenance services. Lenovo Financial Services offers financing solutions and services that complement your technology solution anywhere in the world.


Retrieved July 18, Standard models The following table lists standard models. Energy efficiency The HS23 offers the following energy-efficiency features to save energy, reduce operational costs, increase energy availability, and contribute to the green environment: IBM products and services which are announced and available in your country can be ordered under the applicable standard agreements, terms, conditions, and prices in effect at the time. Each expansion blade occupies a bay in the BladeCenter chassis.

We are dedicated to delivering a positive finance experience for customers like you who want to maximize your purchase power by obtaining the technology you need today, protect against technology obsolescence, and preserve your capital for other uses. This makes a total width of four slots for a single TriBlade. Themis computer announced a blade around The server also supports virtual media and remote control features, which provide the following functions:.

New models of IBM BladeCenter HS23 blade server feature enhanced memory options

Customers are responsible for installation according to the instructions IBM provides with the machine. Also available are Lenovo Services warranty maintenance upgrades and post-warranty maintenance agreements, with a well-defined scope of services, including service hours, response time, term of service, and service agreement bladecentdr and conditions.

The specified level of warranty service may not be available in all worldwide locations. The Predictive Failure Analysis PFA detects when system components processors, memory, and hard disk drives operate outside of standard thresholds and generates pro-active alerts in advance of possible failure, therefore increasing uptime.

Bs23 port bandwidth allocation in Mbps increments.

Not all warranty service upgrades are available in every country. An Inm part or feature added to a machine without replacing a previously installed part or feature is subject to a full warranty effective on its date of installation.

New models of IBM BladeCenter HS23 blade server feature enhanced memory options

Lenovo provides service 8: Mixing of different type daughtercards in the same BladeCenter chassis is not allowed. Integrated industry-standard Unified Extensible Firmware Interface UEFI enables improved setup, configuration, and updates, and simplifies error handling.


As a premier client, you have a dedicated finance specialist who manages your account through its life, from first invoice through asset return or purchase.

Operating systems The server supports the following operating systems: All other product warranty terms for the machine remain unchanged. Related product families Product families related to this document are the following: The following table lists the connectivity card.

The HS23 offers the following energy-efficiency features to save energy, reduce operational costs, increase energy availability, and contribute to the green environment:.

The operating system in the blade server must provide USB support for the blade server to recognize and use USB media drives and devices. The standard memory configurations are flexible to allow clients to increase their memory capacity to a maximum of GB as their business needs grow.

Additional information is available at. It ran the Sun Solaris operating system from Sun Microsystems. The BladeCenter HS23E v2 offers numerous features to boost performance, improve scalability, and reduce costs:.

IBM reserves the right to modify or withdraw this announcement at any time without notice. Up to MHz memory speed.

IBM BladeCenter

Lenovo and the Lenovo logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Lenovo in the United States, other countries, or both. These parts are to be serviced during the IBM machine warranty period. The following table lists memory options available for the HS23E v2 server.

See Table 6 for details.