IBM System Storage DS Architecture and Implementation. Storage facility Configuring the DS storage for FB volumes. Front cover. IBM System Storage. DS Architecture and Implementation. Bertrand Dufrasne. Andreas Baer. Peter Klee. Danijel Paulin. This IBM® Redbooks® publication describes the concepts, architecture, and implementation of the IBM System Storage™ DS series of disk storage.

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IBM System Storage DS8000 Architecture and Implementation Front cover

DS does not support model conversion, that is, business class and standard class cabling conversions are not supported. It enables a full or incremental point-in-time copy to be created at a local site, and then uses remote mirroring commands to copy the data to the remote site.

This tool is used in conjunction with the Easy Tier facility to help clients understand their current disk system workloads. Multi-pass overwrite of the data disks in the storage system Purging of client data from the server and HMC disks Tip: The 2-way systems cannot have expansion frames it includes business class cabled DS systems. Furthermore, the memory chips are organized such that the failure of any specific memory module only affects a single bit within a four-bit ECC word bit-scatteringthus allowing for error correction and continued operation in the presence of a complete chip failure Chipkill recovery.


This feature prevents the deletion of volumes still in use. RAID 6 allows for additional fault tolerance by using a second independent distributed parity scheme dual parity. A floating spare is defined as follows: Each processor complex will have half of the total system memory. These adapters are replaceable concurrently.

The example assumes that all drives are of the same type and capacity. Read more Read less. Architecture and Implementation 3 Chapter 3.

Architecture and Implementation Figure shows the DS with the 4-way feature. Up to four expansion frames can be attached to a Model The second ubm frame can contain up to disk drives.

IBM System Storage DS Architecture and Implementation Front cover

The write data is destaged from the cache memory to a disk array. All storage configuration and service actions are managed through the HMC.

They are simply added to the end of the loop; Eight DDMs will go in one disk enclosure of the pair implemebtation the remaining eight DDMs will go in the other disk enclosure.

Your efforts will help to increase product acceptance and customer satisfaction, as you expand your network of technical contacts and relationships. They also feature enhanced 8 Gpbs device adapters and host adapters. Figure displays a front view of a DS Model with the covers off. Many thanks to the following people who helped with equipment provisioning and preparation: This configuration option is intended for configurations where capacity and high resource utilization shorage of the most importance.


Each disk enclosure can have up to Generally, order two management impleentation to act as a redundant pair. Architecture and Implementation While this data reconstruction is going on, the DA can still service read and write requests to the array from the hosts.

DS storage drives There are no new changes to the DS capacity drives with the new release codes. The following software is used on the isolated key server: The base frame contains two processor complexes CECs. For additional information, see 3.

The FSP can monitor the operation of the firmware during the boot process, and it can monitor the operating system for loss of control. Slots 1, 2, 4, and 5 support 4-Gbps 4-Port HAs. For example, to separate mainframes from open servers, Windows from UNIX, or accounting departments from telemarketing.