critical of Said’s landmark work. The most recent additions to this literature are Ibn . Warraq’s Defending the West: A Critique of Edward Said’s Orientalism and. Ibn Warraq, Amherst, NY, Prometheus Books, , pp. Defending the West: A Critique of Edward Said’s Orientalism by Ibn Warraq. Defending the West has 95 ratings and 11 reviews. Ibn Warraq refutes the perfidious lies of Said meticulously and with brutal candour in this antidote to Said’s.

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One need simply consider something as banal as the Tintin comic books and their por I admit that I have never read Edward Said’s Orientalismbut references and arguments that draw from that work have definitely trickled down into many articles and comment flame wars that I am quite familiar with. He dedicates much wext his narrative to defending Western Civilization as a whole by examining three key trends that he says define the western mentality.

I don’t find it conservative because it promises to revolutionize the field of cultural studies, which had previously been transformed by Said’s book. The elephant in the room for both Warraq and Said is the lack of a basis or standard for morality and truth. Kinch rated it liked it Sep 11, detending Want to Read saving…. Again unbelievable Said and his followers interpret intellectual and political history in a highly, in short twisting the truth which Said does not seem to believe in anyway.


Defending the West by Ibn Warraq | : Books

In The Origins of The Koran: This would include, for example, reinterpreting the promise of virgins in the afterlife as a promise for wesr drinks and good food.

Aug 01, Pages. Retrieved 22 June No Faith Value Blog. An apostasy, that is to say, leaving your ghe in Islam, is punishable by death. Warraq accuses Said of not only willfully misinterpreting the work of many scholars, but also of systematically misrepresenting Western civilization as a whole.

Conflicted feelings about this one. This does not necessarily diminish the value of the collection, but the reader should be aware that this collection does not defendinv represent classic scholarship on the Quran.

Defending the West: A Critique of Edward Said’s Orientalism

Yet despite the many valid arguments that Orientalism addressed, there was always a sense that there was some underlying flaw in its all-encompassing, explanatory claims. Caschetta concluded that “Ibn Warraq’s critique of Said’s thought and work is thorough and convincing, indeed devastating to wsrraq depending on Saidism.

He notes the popularity of Orientalist paintings among Arab collectors, and tracks the history of Western openness to the “Other” from antiquity to modern times. Among his work is criticism of the sources of the Qur’an.

I had heard of the book before, but until reading it ths discussing it in class had never appreciated the scope of its criticisms.

Inspired by Your Browsing History. Journal defebding the American Oriental Society. This book appears on Goodreads accompanied by a list of books called “Best Conservative Books”. His analysis wartaq self-criticism is particularly important, because it shows how Western Civilization can learn from its mistakes and move forward, rather then be defined by them as Orientalism asserts.


Together facing the new totalitarianism with eleven other individuals most notably Salman Rushdie was published in response to violent and deadly protests in the Islamic world surrounding the Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons controversy.

Ibn Warraq

Warraq adopted the pseudonym in when he completed his first book, entitled “Why I Am Not a Muslim”. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Caschetta, “Defending the West: Books Defending the West by Ibn Warraq. Warraq takes apart the accepted blaming of only the West for all evils in the world today pointing out that “Europe has been guilty of terrible crimes but what civilization has not been?

Although he does not subscribe to any particular religion, [16] he has a higher opinion of humanism than of Islam.

I look forward to other reviews hte both books. I would highly recommend reading Said and Warraq together.

Warraq dismantles Said’s highly faulty and fraudulent methodology. I had begun to write my book ‘why I am not Muslim’ when it appearedwas I professor defedning British and American culture at the University of Toulouse.